Top 5 most fashionable and trendy shopping centers in Wellington

Wellington's four main districts - Courtney, Cuba, Willis, and Lambton - are great places for shopping within the city. The Lambton area has the best shopping malls, while the Willis area is home to local and national brand products. If you want to buy some fashionable items, you can visit the Cuba district, where the goods are trendy and the shopping environment is top-notch.

Emporium department store

Emporium department store is characterized by gathering a large number of unique vintage clothing from all over the country. It is basically a relatively friendly department store with a high flow of people.

Moore Wilson's family supermarket

The Moore Wilson's family supermarket located at the intersection of College Street and Tory Street can be called the "store" for Wellington's cafes and various restaurants. It is open all year round and offers delicious and fresh products. Its warehouse has everything from drinks to food, with a complete range of products, making it the "versatile Moore Wilson's" where nothing cannot be bought, only what cannot be thought of.

City Market

The multitude of catering stalls in the city market is like a sky full of stars. In this vibrant market, you can taste delicious food, participate in book signings, and enjoy a variety of entertainment activities. It is the best choice to experience Wellington's diverse local cuisine.

Wellington night market

Wellington Night Market is made up of Friday and Saturday night markets. Here you can taste snacks from all over the world and communicate with people from different cultures and regions. In addition to food and all kinds of groceries, you can also enjoy the wonderful works and performances of artists and street performers.

World (capital flagship store)

WORLD is synonymous with fashion in New Zealand. Its quirky and innovative global flagship store is located in Wellington. It offers a wide range of men's and women's clothing collections, with a high-end beauty salon located across the street.