Changzhou two-day check-in Flower Valley Wonderland

1 cities | 8 attraction(s) | total distance 90 km
Changzhou, although not as bustling as a big city, has scenery that big cities do not have. Hua Valley creates classic land art with a variety of colors, such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple, which is enchanting and captivating. There is also Maoshan, where the environment is beautiful. The natural scenery of Maoshan is fresh and beautiful, with unique mountain shapes, lush foliage, and charming views. In ancient times, it had the beauty of nine peaks, nineteen springs, twenty-six caves, and twenty-eight ponds.

Day1: Changzhou

5 attraction(s) · 83 km
68 km
12 km
3 km

Day2: Changzhou

3 attraction(s) · 7 km
4 km

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