Lake Pukaki, The milk-white lake water rippled with waves of light

7999, Canterbury, New Zealand, Leckepkai postal code
At the shore of Lake Pukaki.
The color of the lake water looks very light.
Cook Mountain can be seen from the southern end of the lake.


During the filming of "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey," there was an exciting scene showing a group of warg riders arriving at the elven valley of Rivendell while chasing a dwarf expedition. This scene was shot on a farm near Lake Pukaki in the Mackenzie region of New Zealand. The entire film crew also resided in this area during filming. Nowadays, these farms are open to tourists, and visitors can participate in various fun farm activities such as farming, fishing, biking, or enjoying a peaceful lakeside dinner by driving to Braemar Station.

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7999, Canterbury, New Zealand, Leckepkai postal code