Palazzo della Ragione, Next to the Palace of Justice is a market square

Piazza dei Mercatini 1, 20123 Milan
The Palace of Justice has two famous reliefs.


The Palazzo della Ragione, built in 1228, was originally the executive site for Milan's public administration until its expansion in the 18th century. In 1773, under the direction of Maria Theresa of Austria, the palace was expanded once again and became a building for the storage of judicial archives. From 1866 to 1870, the building was briefly used as the headquarters for the Bank of the People of Milan. Afterwards, the Palazzo della Ragione returned to its function as a judicial archives building, serving in that capacity until 1970. Today, the palace is aging and cannot be accessed. During festivals, markets, fashion weeks, and design weeks are held in and around the palace, and it is occasionally used as a temporary exhibition center. Notably, there are two reliefs on either side of the Palazzo della Ragione representing the Milanese prosecutor and the Scrofa Semilanuta, a mythical creature symbolizing the city of Milan.
Piazza dei Mercatini 1, 20123 Milan
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