Enjoy the beautiful and less crowded beaches in Italy

Italy is a country rich in culture and cuisine, with many world-famous tourist destinations. When you want to escape the crowded tourist crowds and experience some peaceful and tranquil moments, some of these lesser-known beaches may be just what you need. On these beaches, you can enjoy unique natural scenery and charming coastlines, while also enjoying a leisurely holiday life like the locals.

Liguria Region

The coastline of the Liguria region stretches for 300 kilometers and is dotted with beautiful beaches at every river mouth. Here you can find both the birthplace of Columbus and Genoa, one of the two great maritime powers of Italy in ancient times, as well as five beautiful fishing villages and many lesser-known but equally stunning beaches. For travelers who enjoy self-driving and independent travel, this is a great destination. Due to the region's strong religious atmosphere, there are also many beautiful and historic monasteries to visit and admire, making it a great place to enjoy breathtaking scenery and avoid crowds. Diving enthusiasts should not miss Liguria, as the famous underwater Christ is also located here.

Sicily Island

Sicily's beaches are an excellent destination, mainly located in the east, north and south, such as Siracusa, Taormina, Catania and Agrigento. While the eastern region is more famous and crowded during peak season, the north and south are rarely visited by tourists. Agrigento in the south has a beautiful cotton beach that looks like a work of art, comparable to Turkey's Cotton Castle. It is recommended for travelers to set aside one or two days to explore these secluded beaches in Sicily, which will surely offer surprising and beautiful scenery.

Positano town

The Campania region boasts two well-known names, Naples (Napoli) and the Amalfi Coast. Naples is a large southern city and a longtime tourist destination. The Amalfi Coast, especially the town of Positano located in the center of the coastline, with its cliff-side villages and U-shaped bay, allows people to leisurely enjoy afternoon tea and swim in the sparkling bay. Although Fornillo and Laurito beaches in nearby Marina Grande, Positano, are less crowded than Positano's neighboring town, they appear more spacious and comfortable.

Baia delle Zagare

Puglia is located in southeastern Italy, resembling the heel of the Italian high-heeled shoe. Its most prominent feature is the lack of tourists. Baia delle Zagare is famous in Europe for its two huge sea rocks, similar to the Twelve Apostles Rocks in Australia. The sea water is clear and green, but not many people come here. Another advantage here is that a permit is required to enter, making tourists feel like they have a private beach. The permit can be obtained by booking a local hotel, so no worries about that.