Antique market hidden in the fashion capital

Milan is known as the fashion capital of Europe, with all four major international fashion weeks being held here. In addition, Milan also has many large shopping malls and luxury stores, attracting countless fashionistas to witness the charm of luxury brands. But if you are tired of luxury goods, you can visit the market in Milan, stroll around, and perhaps find some interesting items. These small objects will also add color to your trip~

Naviglio Grande Market

Although the name of this place is Antique Market, it offers a wide variety of items. You can find vintage brand clothing from the 60s, printing plates from India, various ancient Italian furniture, and even antique cameras. It is always full of surprises when you explore the market. If you are looking for something unique, this market is a great choice. It is a traditional market activity in Milan, built along the river and very interesting.

Viale Papiniano Market

This is a flea market where you can also find some popular discount items, but the styles and color choices may be relatively limited. However, the food here is very delicious, and you can buy fresh agricultural products, which is also a good harvest.

Via Fauche Market

If you want to buy some discounted designer items, especially shoes and handbags, this would be a good choice. In addition to flea market items, fresh agricultural products are also offered here. If you are a traveler, come here and experience the life of the ordinary residents of Milan. It can be considered as a genuine travel experience.