Must stay: Kimberly Hotel recommended

The diversity of accommodation choices in Kimberley is as rich and colorful as the ancient landscapes. Whether you prefer comfortable wilderness resorts, overnighting in houseboats, or indulging in luxury camping under the starry sky, you can find the perfect place to stay for your next journey. If you visit Broome and the vibrant Kimberley region, you will witness the true beauty of the Australian outback. Here, your shoes will be stained with the red soil, Indigenous rock art abounds near countless waterfalls, and magnificent canyons traverse captivating scenery. And the most exciting part is that there are numerous accommodation options, each with its own unique feature that makes you feel at home from the moment you arrive.


Kooljaman Wilderness Camp, located at Cape Leveque, has won numerous awards and is owned by the local indigenous people, who are very proud of it. There is a wide variety of accommodation options here to suit different needs of visitors. If you're looking for complete privacy and comfort, you can choose a luxurious safari tent, which features a king-size bed and a fully equipped kitchen, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted views of the ocean. The timber cabins and suites are perfect choices for families. In addition, the camp also offers dome tents, which are equipped with fold-out sofa beds and ready to welcome you at any time. If you feel that the scenery itself is already beautiful enough, you can also choose a simple private beach shack. These shacks are built with local materials and are ideal places to light a campfire and enjoy the sunset.




El Questro

Kimberly Family Valley Ranch

The treasure of the Kimberley region - Home Valley Station

Waterfall houseboat

In the Kimberley region, spending the night in a water villa anchored in the magnificent Talbot Bay is a unique experience. You can take a seaplane to overlook the pristine waters of King Bay and the Buccaneer Archipelago from the air, with thousands of islands, and admire the world's only horizontal waterfall. In the water villa, you can board a speedboat for an exciting ride and enjoy the beautiful scenery. If you feel tired, you can swim in the calm waters and relax. In the evening, you can enjoy the beautiful sunset and savor delicious fresh seafood, then admire the beautiful view of the Milky Way on the deck.

Ecological Beach

If you want to spend a relaxing holiday on the Kimberley coast, it's just an hour's drive south from Broome to reach the Eco Beach Resort. It is designed to protect and showcase the beautiful scenery of the Kimberley coast. Each beach villa has plenty of space and natural light, and is fully equipped for you to relax to your heart's content. Each villa is equipped with a private courtyard or balcony, allowing you to enjoy beautiful sea views or garden views. If you want to get close to nature, the eco-tents are a great place to experience classic 'luxury camping'. You can cook your own food here, share the kitchen and dining space with other guests, or enjoy gourmet food in your private space. The restaurant offers fresh fruits, vegetables, and local seafood.


Berkeley Resort