October, the most refreshing and elegant travel destination recommendation, a great place for a National Day self-drive trip!

The most refreshing and elegant travel destinations of 2020. If you enjoy road trips, then you may consider adding these ten places to your travel list!

Mangdang Mountain

In October, the Mangdang Mountain, especially this year, hosted a chrysanthemum exhibition during the National Day holiday, attracting people from all over to visit and explore the Wangling, the first stone chamber tomb in China, and appreciate the "Dunhuang before Dunhuang", experiencing the profound and extensive Han civilization. Stepping into the Han-style courtyard, wearing Han costumes, learning Han etiquette, enjoying Han dances, and feasting on Han banquets, going back to the Han and Tang dynasties, experiencing the lost charm of the Han ethnic group. Enjoy the red leaves on the mountains, admire the continuous Han arches, listen to the melodious Han music, and appreciate the wonders of the world!

Daimei Mountain

Countless creatures full of passion are growing vigorously. Red as fire, yellow as gold, the colorful scenery spreads everywhere, outlining a dreamlike unique autumn beauty, attracting numerous tourists to stop, admire, and capture memories. The light rain cleanses, and the gentle mist embraces. When the setting sun once again covers this land, it seems as if the flaming red lips are kissing the majestic Taihang mountains. On the green mountains, the butterfly-like red leaves dye patches of deep scarlet, and the purple and vivid red brought by the sunlight magically remain in the eyebrows.

Taihang Grand Canyon Scenic Area

In mid-October, in the Taihang Grand Canyon in Linzhou, the mountains are covered in red, with trees and leaves radiant in various colors. Hawthorn leaves turn golden yellow, maple leaves turn light yellow with a hint of red, large persimmon leaves shine with orange temptation, and high-altitude Chinese sweetgum leaves are deep red...

Shenlong Mountain Scenic Area

In autumn, this place becomes a colorful ocean. People praise the red leaves here as the most red, fiery, vibrant, and largest. They say, "The red leaves of Shennong are more beautiful than Xiangshan's flowers!" The entire mountain is covered in red leaves, creating a spectacular sight.

Distant mountains

Nan Taihang Guanshan Scenic Area, Xinxiang, is renowned for its tranquility and ruggedness. It is a geological landscape national park characterized by stone pillar forests, red stone gorges, narrow pathways, landslides, flying waterfalls, clear streams, secluded pools, and drifting clouds. The mountains are covered in crimson foliage, creating a colorful and enchanting landscape that exudes a captivating atmosphere in autumn.
One season of time, is a different kind of charm of the Taihang Mountains. Walking into Qiugou is like stepping into a fairy tale world. Having seen the passionate and unrestrained red leaves in the north, and the gentle and shy red leaves in the south, you will surely be fascinated by the deep and restrained, vigorous and solid red leaves in Qiugou. One fallen leaf paints the autumn colors, one season of red leaves sets ablaze the passing years. The autumn in Nanyang Taihang Mountains is so charming, with high sky and light clouds, fiery red leaves, surpassing spring, and more beautiful than first love.

Yue Mountain Scenic Area

Jueshan has six unique features, four beauties, and two wonders that are breathtaking. The steepness of the twin peaks, the brilliance of the moon spitting, the beauty of the red leaves, the serenity of the canyon, and the magnificence of the bridge are known as the "six unique features" of Jueshan; the four seasons of Jueshan have different scenery, with birds singing and flowers blooming in spring, summer resort in Jueshan, autumn leaves in Jueshan, and winter wrapped in silver, known as the "four beauties" of Jueshan; "the lifelike wonder of the Turtle Mountain, and the wonder of the moon spitting in Jueshan are known as the two wonders of Jueshan".

Yellow River Three Gorges Scenic Area

The autumn scenery is rich in the Three Gorges of the Yellow River. In October, the Yellow River Three Gorges are already ablaze with red leaves, presenting a picturesque view. Traveling to the Three Gorges of the Yellow River during this time allows you to experience the enchanting autumn colors as if sailing on water or strolling through a painting.

Twin Dragon Bay

Arriving here, there is no need to see how clear the waves are splashing by the side of the boat, nor to see how leisurely the fish are swimming in the clear water. Just by looking at the colorful mountains and peaks is enough. In October, following the pace of autumn, let's take a relaxing trip to see the unique peaks and beautiful waters of Shuanglong Bay, and experience the harmonious coexistence of strength and softness. Leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind and relax your mind!


October, with its cool and refreshing autumn weather, lacks the fervor of spring, the heat of summer, and the chill of winter. It gives people a feeling of being calm and composed. The weather is neither hot nor cold, and one can admire the high and clear blue sky and the elegant clouds. There is a scent of ripened fruit in the air. Strolling around Baodu Village, walking on the stone-paved paths, every ancient house tells a touching story. Escort agencies, pawnshops, clinics, teahouses, and inns, all exude an ancient and elegant charm. It feels like traveling to another time and experiencing a different kind of life.

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