The authentic Chongqing flavors known only to locals are all found in these restaurants

How many food lovers' dream city is Chongqing? So what are the local people's favorite restaurants here? You will know after reading this.

Champs-Élysées carp

This shop specializes in eating catfish. The catfish here is tender and has a great texture. The fish absorbs the incredibly spicy hotpot base, making it extremely delicious. The dipping sauce also contains Sichuan peppercorn, adding a rich flavor profile.

Tanjiwang Wanzhou Grilled Fish

As a foodie, how can I miss the authentic grilled fish from Chongqing? The fish here is tender, spicy, and delicious.

Lime City Li Chuan Chuan

You must try chuan chuan when you visit Chongqing. This is a newly opened restaurant, but the taste is also very good.

The Drunken Eight Immortals Inn

This is an old tavern that serves Jianghu cuisine. The food tastes great and the wine is definitely worth a try.