In addition to hotpot and noodles, you can also eat these in Chongqing

When it comes to Chongqing noodles, many people immediately think of hot pot and noodles. In fact, besides these, Chongqing also has many other delicious dishes.

Four hot pot tables

Hotpot restaurants in Chongqing are numerous and mostly delicious. Among them, Nanping Sizhu Hotpot is one of the best. They only serve red broth without the traditional "Yuan Yang" dual-flavored broth. The broth is exceptionally pure and lacks the usual strong aroma found in most hotpots. As the owner said, "We keep the original essence passed down from our ancestors, and that's what we aim for - authenticity." Therefore, their hotpot is both fragrant and spicy. Fresh ingredients are purchased daily, and every dish is carefully selected by the owner before serving.

The Pure Yang Tavern

In Chongqing, the good restaurants are often those inconspicuous and humble places, and Pure Yang Xiaojiuguan is such an existence. Although the environment is average, it doesn't affect its booming business. Anytime you come, you will see a large group of people sitting on the side of the street, queuing up for a seat. You may be surprised and ask what these people are here for? The reason is actually very simple, the food is simply delicious and the wine is good to drink.

Centuries-old ancient town chicken giblets

This store is still a popular store, located in the middle section of the ancient town, easy to find, and it offers large quantities at low prices. Not to be missed.

Tea-soaked rice

This is a Sichuan cuisine restaurant located on the mountain, which was also designated as a dining location during the filming of "1942" by Feng Xiaogang. The tea-soaked rice and other dishes here are all very good.

Spicy Hot Pot with Bullfrog

Chongqing Maoxuewang ranks first on the leaderboard. This restaurant has been operating for over 30 years and is located in an office building. The environment is simple, the service is average, and the taste is fantastic.