Guizhou's spring: flower sanctuaries worth a visit

Guizhou, this tourist destination, actually has quite a few flower appreciation spots. Let's take a look together.

Wanfenglin: rapeseed flowers

Xingyi is one of the earliest areas in Guizhou to discover rapeseed flowers. How many peaks are there in the world, only the peak forests here deserve this unique rapeseed flower. Majestic peaks, thousands of acres of flower fields, peaks surrounded by the sea of flowers, it is unique here. Whether climbing to high places or being there in person, you can only see a small part of it; combined with the brilliance of rapeseed flowers, it is like a fairyland.

Cloud Peak Eight Village Tung Fort: Rapeseed Flowers

In March, the rapeseed flowers in Xingyi and Luoping, Yunnan came to an end, while Anshun, Guizhou welcomes the best season for rapeseed flowers. There are many places with rapeseed flowers, but if you want to choose a destination with the most "Anshun characteristics," I recommend you go to "Yunfeng Tuntan." In March, Yunfeng has fewer tourists, and the rapeseed flowers in Yunfeng Tuntan are in full bloom, creating a vivid picturesque scene of "rapeseed terraces" in the mountains.

Jinhaixueshan: Rapeseed flowers

Yinzhai, known as the first Buyi village in China, has a history of over 600 years. It is situated by the mountains and water, pure and beautiful. Every March, the Yinzhai in Guiding is covered with blooming pear blossoms, resembling a sea of silver snow; the rapeseed flowers covering the mountains and fields form a golden sea, creating the marvelous scenery of "Golden Sea Snow Mountain."

Pingba Ten Thousand Acres Cherry Blossom Garden: Cherry Blossoms

March, send you pink blessings. Leaving the crowd, this spring is getting warmer. Cherry blossoms are divided into early cherry blossoms and late cherry blossoms. After the early cherry blossoms bloom, the pink late cherry blossoms will also bloom. At that time, the cherry blossoms will show different beauty again. Especially in the cherry blossom forest by Hongfeng Lake, the "Peninsula Cherry Blossom Trail" that is about 7 kilometers long is also an indispensable flower viewing path!

Baili Rhododendron National Forest Park: Rhododendron flowers

One of the best-preserved secondary vegetation zones in the northwest of Guizhou, featuring beautiful azaleas covering the mountains and valleys. The most unique aspect is the phenomenon of "one tree, different flowers," where a single tree blooms with many different colors of flowers, with up to 7 different colors being the most spectacular.

Libo Lavender Garden: Lavender

The Lavender Garden in Libo covers an area of more than 170 acres. Since 2011, lavender, sage, and salvias have been planted in the garden, with lavender being the main focus. Lavender is the most expensive spice in the world, with a long flowering period, making it best suited for May to July. In addition to enjoying the flowers here, visitors can also appreciate the unique mountains and beautiful waters of Libo Karst, as well as experience the local ethnic customs and culture.