China's "Cool Capital" - Must-visit attractions in Liupanshui, Guizhou

Liupanshui is located in the western part of Guizhou and is one of the most distinctive cities in Guizhou. Its superior geographical environment makes its climate pleasant, with an average temperature of no more than 19.5℃ even in the hot summer. Such climate conditions make Liupanshui the only city in China named after its climate characteristics, and it has been awarded the title of "China's Cool Capital" by the China Meteorological Society. There are also some scenic spots worth visiting here.

Bamboo Sea in Dadong

Dadong Bamboo Sea is mainly composed of Dadong in Pan County and Yunshang Bamboo Sea. What is most amazing is that the bamboo in the 30,000 acres of bamboo forest here is almost the same in thickness and length. It is especially spectacular to overlook the bamboo sea. Local residents also use bamboo as raw materials for ancient papermaking, clear bamboo root water, mellow bamboo root wine, and delicious bamboo feasts, making this place a haven for leisure and health preservation.

Umo Grassland

The Wumeng prairie, known as the "grassy plateau" by the people of Panzhou, is the highest and largest plateau grassland in the southwestern region. It is also an important part of the Wumengshan National Geological Park. The plain area and Pingdi Yi Autonomous Township have a relative drop of about one kilometer, creating a unique landscape of "enjoying flowers and grass in spring, walking on grass and trees in summer, observing Buddha's light in autumn, and playing with snow in winter".

North Panjiang Grand Canyon

The Beipanjiang Grand Canyon is famous for its karst and Danxia landforms. The winding river is like a giant dragon shuttling through the forested peaks, showcasing both the beauty of the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River and the grandeur of the Colorado Grand Canyon in the United States. Inside the deep valley, there are cultural landscapes such as suspension bridges, cliff carvings, and ancient post roads. Walking on the suspension bridge gives a slightly thrilling and exhilarating experience.

Zangke River

Located in Liuzhi Special District, the river surges out from the valleys and the rocks formed by erosion create unique scenery. It is slightly warmer than the mountains, giving it a tropical atmosphere, earning it the nickname "Little Hainan of Liupanshui". In addition to the sunny and beautiful landscapes, the Wuwu River is the preferred destination for gliding. The elevation difference between mountains like Laowangshan and Jiucengshan and the Wuwu River is over 500 meters. Looking up, the sky is filled with colorful paragliders. Riding a paraglider down the hill, with the sparkling lake of Wujiang River beneath your feet, the feeling of soaring in the air is truly exhilarating.
In the numerous ancient towns in Guizhou, Shuicheng Ancient Town in Liupanshui has a relatively short history, dating back more than 280 years to the tenth year of the Qing Dynasty. It is named after its surrounding water and is the birthplace of Liupanshui culture. It is also a great place to enjoy the specialty dish "lao guo" (pan-fried pot). As the flagship of Guizhou snacks, "lao guo" can be found throughout the ancient town. Walking along the streets, you will see shops selling various types of pan-fried pots, such as sand pot, oil pan, flat pan... The most authentic "lao guo" delicacies can be found here, and you won't go wrong choosing any restaurant to dine in.