Shanghai Family and Children's Travel Destinations (Science and Education)

Can you fulfill the simple wish of children to play and have the freedom to relax during their holidays? Take them to the following places in Shanghai, which are suitable for children to relax and have fun, so that they can learn while they play and have fun.

Not only can you see giraffes, elephants, African lions, etc., children can also hold and feed small animals in the petting zoo. This interaction helps foster a love for animals in children from a young age. You can also watch the adorable sea lions perform at the sea lion enclosure.
Shanghai Film and Television Park has attractions such as "Old Shanghai", "Daworld Amusement Park", "City God Temple", "Cartoon World", "Star Square", etc. They authentically recreate the historical culture and human landscapes of old Shanghai through the unique artistic techniques of film. Parents can take their children to visit and learn about Shanghai's past while living in Shanghai.
There is a rainbow children's playground in Shanghai Science and Technology Exhibition Center, which is creatively decorated and full of childlike fun. It has a fantasy forest for children aged 1-4, a playground for children aged 5-8 and a small world of science activities for children aged 9-12. Through playing games and conducting experiments, children can easily acquire knowledge.
It is a children's playground specially designed to combine knowledge and fun. In the aerospace and navigation halls, children can learn about aerospace and navigation. In the toy hall and exhibition hall, they can make their own toys and develop their hands-on ability. They can also watch children's movies in the dome cinema.
In addition to unique freshwater and marine creatures, the aquarium also showcases endangered aquatic animals and calls on people to protect endangered species. The aquarium has transparent viewing paths, allowing visitors to fully appreciate the marine creatures inside. The marine classroom also organizes various educational activities, providing children with an enjoyable way to acquire knowledge.
The park has added many recreational facilities and is a natural tourist and leisure park. East Sheshan Park provides various entertainment facilities for children, while West Sheshan Park is home to the famous Catholic Church and Sheshan Observatory.