Taste authentic local cuisine in Lyon

The characteristic restaurants in Lyon not only represent abundant food portions, home-cooked dishes, and local products, but also embody a lifestyle art that is matched with French traditional cuisine: elegant checkered tablecloths, wooden dining tables, copper pots, and ancient posters, all of which give the restaurant an authentic and friendly atmosphere, making the food more flavorful.

Caf Comptoir Abel

This small restaurant, known as one of the oldest in Lyon, has a charming vintage decor: beautiful wooden paneling, French ceilings... The white-speckled dogfish meatballs, morel mushrooms with chicken, and lobster salad all inherit the skills of their ancestors.

Daniel et Denise

The dishes offered by this restaurant are mainly based on Lyon products and local specialties. The must-try dishes include foie gras made from fatty duck liver, stuffed veal sweetbread, and white spot dogfish balls with Nantua sauce.

La Mre Brazier

If you like a refined atmosphere, you can choose La Mère Brazier. This Michelin-starred restaurant was once the first female to receive three Michelin stars - a grandmother from Lyon. The restaurant's chef was elected as France's best craftsman in 2004, ensuring that you can still taste the outstanding dishes of this remarkable chef while adding a modern flavor.