Must-visit popular attractions in Changsha, experiencing the beauty of Xiangfu (Part 2)

As an ancient Chu and Han Dynasty city, Changsha is known as the "hometown of Qu and Jia" due to the influence of Qu Yuan and Jia Yi. Today, it is a revolutionary holy land where Mao Zedong's revolution footprints can be seen at places like Orange Island, Yuelu Academy, and Aiwan Pavilion. Changsha embraces the beauty of both ancient and modern times, like a poem and a painting. It captures the charm of Yuelu Mountain and the elegance of Xiangjiang River; it seeks the uniqueness of Moon Island and admires the grandeur of Tiantianxin Pavilion; it stands on Orange Island and recites poems, and appreciates the nostalgia of Jia Yi's former residence.

Meixi Lake International New Town

New Landmark Changsha Hexi ~2012~2016 took nearly 4 years to build, designed by female architect Zaha Hadid - Changsha Meixi Lake Culture and Arts Center. Not far from the art center, you can see three white streamlined buildings. From the air, three "lotus flowers" quietly blossom by Meixi Lake. If you have enough time in Changsha, it's a good choice to watch a play here and visit the nearby Li Zijian Art Museum!
The Binhai Culture Three Halls and One Theater, which have been newly planned and constructed in recent years, are located north of Changsha. The "Three Halls and One Theater" refer to Changsha Museum, Changsha Library, Changsha Planning Hall, and Changsha Concert Hall. They are situated in the New River Delta of Changsha, with the Xiangjiang River to the west and the Liuyang River to the north, on the northern section of Xiangjiang Avenue. North Cheng Triangle Station on Line 1 of the subway can directly reach the Binhai Delta Station. Changsha Library and Changsha Planning Hall do not charge admission fees, Changsha Museum is free with an ID card and other valid documents (tickets are obtained on the first floor of the Wind Tower), and there must be a performance before the opening of Changsha Concert Hall.
After several years of renovation, Hunan Provincial Museum finally officially opened at 1 pm on November 29, 1977~ The highlights are the "Mawangdui Han Tomb Exhibition" and the "Hunan People - Three Xiang Historical and Cultural Exhibition"~ Currently, there will also be a special exhibition on the excavation of Egyptian mummies.

Martyrs Park

The largest park in Changsha City is Martyrs' Park, located on Dongfeng Road in Kaifu District. It was built in 1958 and is part of the Martyrs' Park with majestic pine trees surrounding it. The park has a large artificial lake called Nianjia Lake, with Yuejin Lake to the east and the Martyrs' Memorial Tower and sports field to the west. My favorite when I was a child was the amusement park in Martyrs' Park, along with boating and barbecuing at Nianjia Lake. However, the maintenance of the barbecue at Nianjia Lake was cancelled later, and the boating project has continued until now. In 2007, for the construction of the Nianjia Lake Tunnel, the water in Nianjia Lake was drained and then refilled.
Changsha has a place called Helong Sports Center, which is usually crowded with people who exercise. During special occasions, it can be packed with a huge number of people. This is also the peak time for tourists visiting from other places. During concerts and competitions, both the sports center and its surrounding area can get congested, so it's important to leave early to avoid traffic jams. At the entrance of concerts, there are usually part-time celebrity merchandise sales. Please note that many items are not allowed to be brought in, such as glow sticks, flashlights, and hoods. Bottled mineral water purchased outside is also not allowed to be brought in. It usually needs to be checked upon entry. If it is not allowed, it is well-hidden. Additionally, when there is a concert, the nearby Didi Mall will extend its business hours. If you get hungry after the show, you can find food near Didi Mall or nearby.

Liuyang River Wedding Park

The Furong District Liuyang River Wedding Culture Square at No.300 Liuyang River Avenue, Changsha, is a popular wedding photography location for residents of Changsha. It is surrounded by dining and entertainment facilities and is an emerging entertainment venue in the eastern part of Changsha. You can take bus routes 143, 405, 131, or 707 to Hua Hua Road East Station in the downtown area; or take bus route 131 to Baisha Road Intersection, or take Changsha Metro Line 2 to Wanjiali Square Station, and then walk 1 kilometer east along Huahua Road to reach the destination. The wedding garden is free, and you can also take photos there if you have time.

Hunan Broadcasting and Television Center

Many people come to Changsha to watch shows on Hunan TV, either for their favorite host or their favorite celebrity.