Jinan 24-Hour Sightseeing Guide

For many travelers, Jinan is more like a transit station. So, what are the must-visit attractions during the layover? Check out this 24-hour Jinan travel guide to find out.

Daming Lake

When it comes to Daming Lake, the first thing that comes to mind for everyone is the story of Emperor Amah and Xia Yuhua in "Huan Zhu Ge Ge". So this is definitely a must-visit place.
The garden inside incorporates both the essence of northern and southern garden styles, with features such as ponds, lakes, streams, and harbors, creating a water landscape garden with a simple and natural charm. Within the Wulongtan Park, there are 26 ancient springs of various forms, forming a huge spring system, which is the highest quality among the four famous spring groups in Jinan. The competing springs and flowing streams create beautiful scenery, earning it the reputation of being a "fairyland with blooming peach blossoms on both banks."

Baotuquan Street

The springs are the symbol and landmark of the Spring City, known as the "Number One Spring in the World". They are one of the three major attractions in Jinan together with Qianfo Mountain and Daming Lake. There are many small springs in the spring pool, with water bubbles like scattered pearls, some clustered together, some strung together, floating. There are algae in the water and colorful fish swimming. In winter, the water evaporates, appearing hazy and indescribably beautiful. The pool is built with stones, surrounded by waterside pavilions, which complement the pool; there are echoing small bridges, pavilions dipping into the water, winding corridors; towering rocks and swaying willows. Visitors can enjoy the view and have fun by the railings. There are many inscriptions by famous people by the springs.
Quancheng Square is the central square of Jinan, and it is a must-visit place for every guest. It is surrounded by mountains, springs, rivers, and the city. Looking around, you can see the old scenes of the old city to the north, the gushing springs of Baotu Spring to the west, the lush Qianfo Mountain to the south, and the elegant Jiefang Pavilion to the east.

Hongjialou Church

It is the largest Catholic church in Jinan City and also one of the three largest Catholic churches in North China. Built in 1905, the church features a twin-tower Gothic architectural style and has a grand and imposing presence.