Introducing the most classic itinerary in Jinan, taking you to explore all the highlights of the Spring City

Many people come to Jinan, perhaps with only one or two days to quickly get to know this beautiful provincial capital city. So, if there is only one day, how to arrange a visit to the essence of the "Spring City"? This is a "no turning back" game, and you can also play through the classic series. It is very worth collecting!

Furong Street is named after the Furong Spring in the middle of the street, which is part of the Pearl Spring Group. There is a saying, "If you haven't been to Furong Street in Jinan, it's as if you haven't been to Jinan." This old street located in the old city area of Jinan is famous for its unique folk traditions and various local snacks. Starting from here is a good way to have breakfast.
South is Furong Street, built on the north side of Daming Lake. The architectural layout is well-ordered and of grand scale, making it an important historical and cultural heritage in Jinan. In Jinan, various public cultural activities such as Confucius worship, coming-of-age ceremony, and opening ceremony can be held.
Jinan remains true to its original appearance, selling unique souvenirs and artworks that reflect the city's character.

Daming Lake

"Your Majesty, do you still want the Xia Yuhe on the shore of Daming Lake?" This sentence let the whole nation know that Jinan has a Daming Lake. Every summer when lotus flowers bloom, Jinan holds the Lotus Festival at Daming Lake, where families can enjoy the lotus flowers and lanterns together. The Lotus Festival of this year will be on July 27th (Wednesday), but in fact, the festival will last for about a month. So as long as you come to Jinan in summer, you can experience the related activities of the Lotus Festival. Sales.
In Wulongtan Park, there are 26 ancient springs with diverse shapes, forming a large Wulongtan spring system. It is the highest quality spring group among the four famous spring groups in Jinan. Wulongtan has a stele of Qin Qiong's former residence. There is also a famous scholars' pavilion "Longtan Guan Yu", which is a major attraction in the Spring City.

Baotuquan Street

Jinan must-visit attraction No.1, one of Jinan's Eight Great Springs. The park has 72 famous springs, with the Baotu Spring being the representative one. There are also the Li Kuchan Memorial Hall, Wang Xuetao Memorial Hall, Li Qingzhao Memorial Hall, Luoyuan, Baihua Garden, and stone tablets by the Baotu Spring. Every year during the Lantern Festival, Jinan holds a lantern fair.
Construction of the Jinan Victory Memorial Hall, with an inscription by Chen Yi. In 1948, the People's Liberation Army captured the capital city of Shandong province, Jinan, with a strong defense and over 100,000 troops, setting a precedent for the PLA to occupy large cities. The Associated Press commented, "From now on, wherever the Communist Party goes, there will be no obstacles." Today, the Liberation Pavilion has become a landmark of Jinan and is rated as one of the top ten scenic spots in the "City of Springs".
Pearl Spring is the third largest famous spring in Jinan. It is located in the city center, north of Pearl Spring Hall on Quancheng Road. During the Ming and Qing dynasties, it was the residence of the governor of Shandong Province, and the inscription was handwritten by Emperor Qianlong. It is said that the "pearls" in this Pearl Spring are the tears of Shun's two concubines, Ehuang and Nvying. There are many goldfish in the pool. If you bring your children to play, it is suggested to bring bread crumbs or steamed buns, biscuits, and feed the goldfish. The goldfish will be very happy, and then you will be happy too.