Internet celebrities' in-depth experience of famous places, this is how you truly explore the mountain city!

Many people come to Chongqing just to visit popular tourist spots such as Hongyadong, Qiansimen, and the Light Rail that goes through walls... With the increasing number of tourists, how to arrange the itinerary for visiting these popular spots? How to deeply experience the charm of these internet-famous places? Our company has carefully planned a non-stop itinerary for you to explore the internet-famous places in Chongqing, ensuring a smaller crowd, better experience, and avoiding detours.

As the number one attraction in Chongqing tourism, Ciqikou attracts countless visitors every day. Why choose Ciqikou as the first stop? Because there are the fewest people in the morning, one can feel the authentic old Chongqing atmosphere. Once it's past 12 o'clock, it becomes a bustling tourist spot.

Three-layer road & Liziba

Film "Passing through Your World" is not only filmed here, but also allows you to vividly and three-dimensionally experience the light rail passing by in front of you and above your head. Personally riding and photographing while looking up is the most immersive and comprehensive experience for those who want to have a 360° panoramic view of Chongqing, this magical city. In the light rail station, you can see the light rail coming from outside the building at eye level, and looking up at Liziba Station is a popular angle. Both places are worth experiencing and offer completely different feelings.


In Chongqing, people describe Nanshan like this: "Even if you are a native of Chongqing and have been to Nanshan many times, you still can't fully experience it." Nanshan is so mysterious! It hides countless treasures, with its refreshing artistic atmosphere and ancient religious charm. The scenery from a high vantage point or the tranquility of a cozy guesthouse or teahouse is the most local way to experience Nanshan.

Yangtze River Cableway

Translating to English: Walking out of Nanshan, you can conveniently reach the less crowded Shangxin Street by cable car. Due to the filming of various variety shows and TV dramas, this cross-river transportation originally belonging to Chongqing residents has become a popular amusement project for tourists. In the 30 years of operation, the "air bus" ticket price has increased from 1.8 yuan per vehicle to 20 yuan per vehicle, and the waiting time is at least 30 minutes. Avoiding the crowds: There are two stations for the cable car. It is recommended to take it from the Shangxin Street station in the Nan'an District, as the waiting time is five times shorter according to personal testing. It is advisable to take a one-way trip, as round trips require queuing twice. The waiting time at Xiaoshezi in Yuzhong District (near Jiefangbei) is longer, with the minimum wait time being over 1 hour even during the off-peak season.
For Chongqing's top internet celebrity, there are only two suggestions. First, make sure to turn on the lights to see the view at night, as it looks ordinary during the day without the lights on. Second, avoid taking the elevator or stairs inside Hongyadong, as it can make regular tourists dizzy. Instead, take the elevator from the nearby KuiXing building to the first floor and overlook the entire Hongyadong from Binjiang Road.