What to see at Wugong Mountain in autumn and winter? These 8 highlights are enough

Among the many beautiful places, Wugong Mountain in autumn is the best, with colorful ridges and magnificent mountains. In autumn, Wugong Mountain is not only golden grassland, but also fiery red leaves and high mountain reed marshes. Spring and autumn are the most romantic seasons, and they are also the most beautiful moments of Wugong Mountain.

Watch the sunrise

The sunrise at Mount Wugongshan is the most beautiful scenery. Watching the sunrise at Fayunjie is a good choice.

Watch the sunset

The graceful sunset is another major highlight of Wugong Mountain. The lingering afterglow of the setting sun casts a unique glow on the earth, tinged with shades of red and a hint of golden yellow sunlight. And the Golden Summit is one of the best spots to watch the sunrise.

Look at ancient offerings

Wugongshan Ancient Altar Group, located at the highest point of Jinding Dongpo, consists of four ancient altars: Gexian Altar, Wangxian Altar, Chongying Altar, and Qiusi Altar. Built during the Eastern Jin Dynasty, it has a history of over 1700 years. Made of granite, these ancient altars were the sacred sites for folk worship of heaven and earth in the Xianggan region. They are hailed by domestic experts as the "living fossil" for studying the ancient folk worship culture in Jiangnan and known as a "unique spectacle of China".

Look at the ancient path

The Ping'an Ancient Road is a common nickname used by locals for the trade route between the Da'an and Anfu regions, also known as the "Tea-Horse Ancient Road" of Wugong Mountain. The ancient road still retains well-preserved stone steps and is one of the better hiking trails within Wugong Mountain. Along the way, you can see clear and transparent streams, and during the first half of the journey, you can hike through picturesque bamboo forests, a natural oxygen bar with rich vegetation.

Look at the stars

The night on Wugong Mountain is gentle, quiet, and dreamy. Countless faint and ambiguous stars flicker in the deep blue sky, like a pair of agile eyes. Wugong Mountain is known as an excellent place for stargazing. On clear nights, tents are set up in the mountains, and professional or amateur photographers will also take regular exposures to capture the movement of the stars.

See the sea of clouds

From November to May of the following year, Wudang Mountain is an ideal season for observing the sea of clouds. Compared to the sea of clouds that emerges after the summer rain, the autumn sea of clouds is like a quiet and reserved lady, quietly watching and it is already beautiful. The peculiar peaks, strange rocks, and pine trees appearing and disappearing in the sea of clouds add even more grandeur.


The autumn scenery of Wugong Mountain is covered with yellow thatch and blossoming white reeds. The grass also begins to turn golden. In this sea of golden reeds, waves of gold roll higher and higher, pushing forward. We are intoxicated in this golden wave. Wugong Mountain under the blue sky is like a flowing chain of golden grass, coming into view.

See the waterfall

Wugong Mountain has distinctive landscape features, abundant water resources, and numerous waterfalls, making it a rare water landscape among scenic mountain areas across the country. There are nearly 200 waterfalls of various shapes and sizes in Wugong Mountain, some cascading straight down, some winding and murmuring, and all of them extraordinarily magnificent. Wugong Mountain also has hot springs that resemble spring-like weather all year round, which have excellent health benefits.