Ski resort throughout the North and South Islands of New Zealand

Many ski resorts in New Zealand are very friendly to first-time skiers, with wide and low-difficulty ski areas specifically designed for beginners, as well as professional ski lessons and equipment rentals to provide them with sufficient confidence.

Coronet Peak Ski Area

Highlights: Convenient transportation, professional facilities, suitable for beginners; It is so popular that the opening hours of the Coronet Peak ski resort are the longest in New Zealand.

Dubson Mountain Skiing Area

Highlight: Warm sunshine, enthusiastic service, suitable for beginners; This family-run ski resort has New Zealand's largest beginner skiing area.

Harris Mountain Skiing Ground

Highlights: High difficulty, thrilling and exciting, mountains standing tall; Harris Mountain Heliskiing has excellent areas that can satisfy skilled skiers' pursuit of excitement.

Turoa Ski Area

Highlights: Challenging terrain, large vertical drop, volcanic scenery; the varied volcanic terrain creates many challenging ski runs, making it suitable for both thrill-seekers and snowboard enthusiasts.

Cardrona Alpine Resort

Highlights: Suitable for vacation, fun snow activities, leisure and relaxation, family vacation; the largest ski field around Queenstown, with the longest pre-booked snow season on the South Island.

Mt Hutt

Highlights: Top area, excellent conditions, children's playground; named the best ski resort in New Zealand for 2015-2016, with wide natural open terrain and first-class equipment; the children's management facilities are very complete, making it another ideal destination for families to enjoy a skiing vacation.