What places in Qinhuangdao are suitable for family trips?

Qinhuangdao, abbreviated as "Qin" and also known as Gangcheng, formerly known as "Linyu", is a prefecture-level city in Hebei Province, China. It is a famous summer resort city and a seaside city in China. Qinhuangdao is the birthplace of modern tourism industry in China, gathering rich tourism resources and having a mild climate. It is a renowned tourist and leisure destination both domestically and internationally, known as the "City of Heaven."

Nandaihe Seaside Amusement Park

Nandaihe Sea Paradise has an elegant environment, fresh air, soft sand, and calm tides. The amusement facilities are novel, unique, and suitable for people of all ages, making it an ideal place for reconnecting with nature and enjoying a summer vacation.

Golden Sands Bay Fantasy Water Park

Fantasy Water Park is a meticulously crafted water theme park called Jinshawan Fantasy Water World, which took 4 years to build. It has become the leading water amusement park in the Beidaihe area and an important symbol of tourism in Beidaihe. It is the preferred destination for seaside tourism. The park has complete entertainment facilities and a wide variety of attractions for you to choose from. It is a warm and delightful family tourist destination and an ideal place for working professionals to relax and unwind.

Port Museum

Enter Qinhuangdao Port Museum, where visitors can learn about the long history and rich culture of Qinhuangdao's century-old port through audio guides, visual displays, and detailed explanations by guides. Experience the profound historical and cultural significance of the century-old port.

Qinhuangdao 3D Magic Art Museum

Translated into English: Through different themed sections such as magical classics, animal adventures, vibrant living, ocean world, and special visual spaces, it presents a three-dimensional world that cannot be displayed on a two-dimensional plane. Entering the three-dimensional space created by 3D technology, there are unique effects where real people and images blend together, providing strong interactivity and high entertainment value.

Purple Golden Bay Amusement Park

It features Happy Water World, Pirate Ship, Bouncy Trampoline, Little Elephant, Little Train, Carousel, Shooting Range, Bumper Cars, Happy Ocean World, Popeye, Crazy Mouse, etc. It allows for interactive and intimate communication with children, fostering stronger bonds while playing.