What are some good cold noodle restaurants in Qinhuangdao?

Listen carefully, today I will list out the delicious cold noodle restaurants hidden on the island for all the foodies!

Cold noodles mixed with rice restaurant

Opposite to the market of Qinhuang community, it is the original Dala Mian that used to be in Sun City. The cold noodles are freshly made and very refreshing. Many people miss its taste, right? It is cheap and cost-effective, you can eat and drink enough for only 15 yuan! Not only cold noodles, the mixed rice is also delicious! Highly recommended.

Fenglai Xian's cold noodles

A famous cold noodle shop! It serves the authentic cold noodles from Jixi, a city in Northeast China, which have a great taste and are not like the ones with Korean-style spicy sauce.

Miaoxiang Mountain

Authentic North Korean cold noodles, this restaurant is also very famous, the waiters are all North Korean girls, and the staff in the restaurant all wear distinctive costumes. They will help you barbecue and divide the dishes, in short, the service is very attentive.

Yanji snacks

This shop in Erzhong Hutong is frequently recommended by Er Meng to foodies. Their cold noodles are not to be missed and they are really cheap, only 8 yuan per bowl! Their mixed cold noodles are also uniquely prepared and taste good. Worth a try!

Korean cold noodles at Mount Geumgang

This cold noodle is so delicious. The owner is a Korean, the service is excellent, but her Mandarin is not very good. There are ice chips in the noodles, which is refreshingly cool! Must add chili oil! Super fragrant~ Various side dishes are also great!

Xicheng BBQ

Their cold noodles are really good, the soup is especially delicious, and their homemade spicy cabbage is very flavorful! The quality of the barbecue is also quite stable and it tastes pretty good~

Barbecue with a hundred dishes

Highly recommend their cold noodles, they are really amazing! Very delicious, the tomato flavor is sour and sweet which is especially refreshing, and it also comes with ice chips. The buckwheat cold noodles, freshly pressed, are really chewy, fantastic~