Must try the special barbecue in Qinhuangdao

BBQ in Qinhuangdao is highly distinctive, with meticulous ingredients. Have a summer night beer and BBQ skewers experience, enjoying a leisurely day and grilling up delicious mood.

Xicheng BBQ (Baitaling branch)

The storefront is not big, but it has four floors. The ingredients for grilled seafood and grilled meat are good, and the taste is natural and good.

The Joyful Shepherd Charcoal Grilled Lamb Leg (Development District Branch)

Very popular roasted lamb leg, very authentic taste.

Sanjie barbecue

Features include bowstring, tambaqui fish, yellow clams, chicken wings, and oysters.

The Bearded Seafood BBQ (Heping Street Branch)

Special seafood, seafood paired with barbecue, that's Qinhuangdao!

Kile Lou BBQ (Jianguo Road Branch)

Local brand, recommend the tender char siu pork ribs and lamb chops, must try the meat dishes!

Halal meat pie shop

Long history, don't miss out on grilled lamb chops.

Open door and start barbeque

A fusion of barbecue and seafood, visited by multiple celebrities.