Phuket's Stunning Hotels with Private Beaches

Staying in these hotels, you can have a private beach in minutes - no more dumplings in the sea! Sunshine, beaches, bikinis - I want to sunbathe! However, popular beaches are always crowded with holidaymakers from all over the world. Where can I find a secluded place? After careful selection, 9 five-star hotels with private beaches are available to let you escape from the crowds and dive into the blue sky and sea. You will want to buy your ticket right now.

Located on the bustling Patong Beach in Phuket, the hotel is situated halfway up the mountain, boasting not only unbeatable sea views but also exceptional privacy and quietness. The hotel's swimming pools are simply beautiful, with both facing the sea, and the large floor-to-ceiling windows in the rooms allow for direct views of the entire sea. There is nothing more romantic than kissing your loved one in front of the sunset over the sea.
The renovated Sulynn Resort was designed by the renowned designer of Anman Hotel. Not only does the private beach make people go crazy in an instant, but the beautiful architectural style and beachfront villas always amaze the guests who stay there. In addition to the private beach, the hotel's swimming pool and outdoor dining bar also face the sea, offering guests a zero-distance view of the Andaman Bay.
The hotel is located in the middle of Bang Tao Beach in the Laguna area. The long and uncrowded coastline of the beach and the blue sky and sea make it particularly enjoyable, as if the entire sea is your private swimming pool! The unique private beach allows the blue sky and sea to witness the romantic love of couples, making it very suitable for weddings. The hotel has a unique decoration style, with a modern Thai style as the main tone, supplemented by European and simple New Colonial architecture. In addition to the beach, there is also a swimming pool. Those who do not like to soak in the water can also participate in their Thai cooking class or enjoy the hotel's famous spa.
Private beach has free small boats for rowing, the beach is clean and less crowded, without the hustle and bustle of popular areas, just choose a beach chair facing the sea and lie down all day. Don't want to go out? The hotel's beachside pool is also a good choice! When tired, have a coconut cocktail, sit on the pool bed and feel the breeze on your face, it's simply too enjoyable.

Pullman Palm Cove Sea Temple Resort & Spa

A globally renowned five-starred internet-famous hotel, it is most famous for its secluded beaches and breathtaking infinity pools. The hotel has direct access to the beach, making it the perfect spot for a romantic and peaceful stroll on the sand. The infinity pool, unique lobby seats, and water seating areas are all popular photo destinations for tourists. Couples are recommended to dine at Vero restaurant as the sunset view is stunning.
The sand and water quality of the hotel's private beach far surpasses the big three beaches! Stroll on the fine, soft white sand, let the sand and waves gently kiss your ankles, and hear only the sound of the waves and laughter with your loved ones, as if time has stopped. The hotel also offers many free activities such as mini-golf, diving, and the Penguin Club (children's play area) and children's pool, making it not only suitable for romantic honeymoons, but also great for families with children.

Santa tala beach resort phuket

This hotel is a famous parent-child hotel, with several large swimming pools available for both adults and children, as well as two water slides. Families who come to the hotel with children can have a lot of fun. The hotel's dinner has a different theme every day, and there is also a beach buffet, with a special atmosphere. It is very suitable to bring your significant other and children here for an anniversary.
Exclusive and beautiful private beach, it is like a secluded holiday island! Outside the private beach, there is an irregular swimming pool that is 323 meters long, where guests can freely float; the hotel also has outdoor bike paths and a wetland area for sport-loving travelers to learn canoeing. In addition to the beach, this hotel by YUECHUN group, which focuses on family travel, also has a children's club inspired by treehouses, where adults and children can enjoy fun times together.
Private beach is far away from the hustle and bustle of Patong, adding a sense of tranquility. The sea view is the closest to the sea among hotels in this area. You can enjoy the sea view lying on the bed or sitting on the balcony. The hotel pool is located just below the beach and there is a series of entertainment facilities for children: game rooms, art classes, a 55-meter water slide for children, and even children's exclusive dishes in each restaurant. It is really thoughtful.