List of Popular Instagrammable Hotels in Phuket

The trendy hotels that go viral on social media are all here! With infinity pools, starry compass pools, and a 360-degree ocean view, they offer unparalleled sunset-watching spots.

Nest-like design hidden in the mountains, offering super primitive accommodations such as tree houses and tent rooms! Each house has its own butler, providing professional service and extra consideration~ The outdoor private pool is also great, making you feel like you own a whole forest while soaking in it! The indoor bathtub is also super photogenic, resembling a little forest fairy~
Gorgeous Thai palace style, stunning starry sky swimming pool, surrounded by garden greenery, flowing hammocks, beaded curtain corridors, full of Thai style, rich Arabic decoration and exotic Thai artworks, feel the strong exotic atmosphere~
$500 per person! Private pool villa with sea view on the mountainside! Located in a group of detached villas on the mountainside, breathing in the negative ions in the mountain air, overlooking the distant sea views and the city lights, everything becomes exceptionally peaceful~
Rarely-visited beach, breathtaking infinity pool, and unique seating in the lobby make for the perfect photo opportunities. The hotel also offers direct access to the beach for a private and peaceful stroll.
The hotel is located halfway up the hill in Patong, with a majestic infinity pool, overlooking the endless sea and sky, enjoying the Patong sea view and the free-running clouds with the wind.
The "Paradise on Earth" hidden halfway up the mountain! Modeled after a traditional Thai village, with a Middle Eastern-style semi-open high-ceilinged hall and ethereal service personnel, it makes visitors feel as if they have entered a paradise on Earth.
It's amazing! The hotel is located on a cliff with a 360-degree view of the sea, providing an excellent spot for watching the sunset.

foto Hotel

Attack on Teenage Heart! Endless swimming pool, unicorn, swan, pink pony, and shell-shaped floaties for you to choose from, full of girly vibes.

Phuket sweet marinacata sailing resort

Star compass swimming pool, designed in a nautical style, with a sparkling star compass projected in the pool at night.
Garden-style layout with 11 beautiful outdoor pools surrounding the waterfall. The infinity pool on the mountainside is the hotel's biggest highlight.
Do you want to have the same private vacation spot as both Chinese and foreign stars? Sri Panwa Phuket Luxury Pool Villa Resort, the first online celebrity hotel in Phuket, that both G-Dragon, Jang Geun-suk, and Chen Xiaochun couldn't resist sharing on INS, is calling for you. It can provide you with a view of all the scenery of Panwa Island!