What to eat in Hengyang, Hunan? These delicious foods will make you never want to go again

Hengyang, a beautiful city with mountains and clear water, is known for its famous tourist city of Nanyue, countless exquisite food culture, and the fascinating local customs on the streets. In this small city, there are abundant talents and treasures.

Purple Bamboo Forest

In Hengyang people's minds, only Hengyang rice noodle is the number one. In Hunan, almost every city has a bowl of "must-eat noodle" when returning home. For Hengyang people, that bowl of noodle is the braised noodle from Zizhulin. It used to be 5 yuan for two liang, but now it has increased to 7 yuan for two liang. Although only a few pieces of beef are topped on the noodle, the beef is yellow beef that the owner braised by himself with brine, which has a unique taste that other places don't have. The owner also added some herbs that can reduce heat, so that you won't have a dry throat after eating a bowl of braised noodle.

West Lake Fish Dumplings

Zizhulin and West Lake fish powder each occupy half of Hengyang rice noodle industry. Hengyang fish powder has been featured on CCTV's "Chinese Breakfast", gaining great popularity. West Lake fish powder is first of all fresh, with a milky soup base. Adding a little vinegar makes the taste even fresher. The second point is that the portion is generous, basically you can finish the noodles, and still have about half of the fish slices left. West Lake rice noodles are made of handcrafted fine round noodles, which do not expand even when soaked for a long time, and the taste gets better as you eat. The specific location is across from the First Affiliated Hospital of South China University, Lianhu Road, Qingshan Street.

Unnamed Pig Slaughterhouse Powder Shop

Love Min Road crosses diagonally opposite. This unnamed pig powder shop on Xianfeng Road has been open for decades. The owner and his family are from Chenzhou, with a heavy accent and straightforward personality. Every morning, there are endless people rushing here to eat powder. In the small kitchen, the owner and his family work quickly and efficiently, serving the powder, collecting money, and adding soup. The speed of serving the powder is particularly fast. The pig powder and fish powder in this shop are fried with oil on high heat, making the outer layer slightly crispy. Therefore, compared to West Lake fish powder, the soup in this shop is more flavorful, with a hint of spiciness, which spicy lovers will enjoy.

Salt Comes Five Spice Powder Shop

This noodle shop on Shifu Road started with a simple shed hidden in a small alley. Slowly, it gained fame, and many people from Huanxin even drive over to have a bowl of noodles. The most famous dishes are the flavorful pig bone noodle broth and fish noodle broth. They use Zha Jiang rice noodles, which are thin and firm even after prolonged cooking, giving a chewy texture. Unlike the stir-fried toppings in Changsha, the toppings here consist of shredded cucumber and pork in the bone broth, making it light and refreshing. It is located in the alley across from Guangbai Department Store's south gate.

Laos Xiang cuisine

Lao Xiang Shi is famous for a dish called pig tail. It started from a small food stall and has now become a chain store. It holds an important position in the hearts of the people in Hengyang. When eating this dish, one must not care about their image and battle against the spicy taste with their lips and tongue. Only when their mouth is covered in oil and turned red from the spiciness can they truly say they have finished this bowl of food. It is located opposite the Central Hospital.

Tianwai Tian Hunan Restaurant

Hengyang people are hospitable and love to bring relatives and friends to restaurants. Among the old-fashioned Xiang cuisine restaurants, Tianwai Tian is considered the best, thanks to its signature dishes: tea oil braised free-range chicken and braised rabbit skewers. The tea oil used in the braised free-range chicken is rich in color, and the chicken meat is firm and tender. The chicken has a slightly crispy skin and a fresh and tender interior, even children can't get enough of it.

Urban Farmer Countryside Vegetables

"Hengyang cuisine is said to be the most delicious in the countryside, especially during the Lunar New Year. The city farmers have opened a new Hunan restaurant featuring rural dishes, bringing the countryside cuisine to the city. The most famous dish is the Ecological Fish Head, with the entire fish head steamed on homemade chopped chili peppers. It is limited in quantity and often sold out before latecomers arrive. Other popular dishes include Beef with Green Stems, Wild Bamboo Shoots, Wild Chicken, and Fried Ma Yuan, all cooked by city farmers. Among them, the Wild Chicken is the most tender and fragrant that I have had in Hengyang in recent years, even better than what is made at home."

Stinky tofu from Li's shop

Hengyang's most famous stinky tofu, no doubt. Li's Stinky Tofu has moved a couple of times, initially located on Jinbu Lane, where it could attract a crowd from the street to the end of the lane. Even the nearby ice drink stall saw a boost in business. As a decades-old establishment, Li's Stinky Tofu produces consistently high-quality tofu. Each serving is crispy, tender, and followed by a spicy kick that makes people break out in a sweat!

Chu Wei Xuan's flaky pancake

Chu Wei Xuan Shua Bing is the first place in Ai Min Lane where you need to check in. The store opens after 1 p.m. and within half an hour, there will be a queue waiting for a number. The ingredients for the Shua Bing are generous, the cooking is just right, and the pancakes are crispy and fragrant. Each bite is filled with ingredients, very satisfying!

Heavenly gifted wonton

Tianci wonton is a popular web celebrity snack shop next to Chuweixuan Shuaibing in Aimin Alley. They offer soup wonton, mixed wonton, and boiled dumplings, all with only one kind of pork filling. Every day, you can see the aunties in the shop constantly making wontons with their agile fingers. The mixed wonton is topped with homemade sesame sauce, which is rich and sweet, leaving a lasting impression. The shop also sells raw wonton and dumplings. During festivals and holidays, those who are too lazy to make dumplings at home will come here to buy a few kilograms from Tianci wonton, which is favored by the elders.

King sister's favorite is shrimp

Wang's sister's taste shrimp on Shifu Road has been open for over ten years. It has been featured in newspapers, news, and in the hearts of every homesick person. The taste shrimp in this restaurant is like what mom makes at home. Each shrimp is cleaned thoroughly, and the oil, salt, sauce, and vinegar are all from trusted brands. The shrimp tails are clean, hygienic, and deliciously spicy. Many people love to pack a portion of conch and go drinking with friends at Wang's sister's place, enjoying a bottle of ice-cold beer with a serving of Wang's sister's conch and shrimp tails, it's the best. Wang's sister's conch, shrimp tails, and toothpick beef are all extremely popular, with flavors that others don't have. They are sold out quickly, so if you go late, there won't be any left.

Ajiao Night Market

Zhu Hui District next to the nursery trees, people in Hengyang love to eat Ma Guai (frog) the most, followed by snails. In the summer, Ma Guai and snails in Hengyang can pile up like mountains. The nickname of Ajiao Night Market "next to the nursery trees" is more famous than its actual name, but the snails are the most famous. The preparation of these snails is very special, somewhat similar to stir-fried home-cooked dishes. The snails are first soaked in water for a day to remove debris, then fried in a hot wok. The chef needs a lot of strength to continuously stir-fry the snails and evenly heat them. After customers place their orders, the chef changes to a smaller wok and sautés it with onions, ginger, and garlic, adding the partially cooked snails separately and stir-frying them, allowing each snail to be flavored. At Ajiao, I have never tasted any debris from the snails I ate. Each snail is big enough, spicy enough, and flavorful enough!