The most beautiful photography spots on Jeju Island

Must-visit photography spots for Jeju Island free and easy travel!


Although the sea of Jeju Island is extremely beautiful all year round, different colors are shown based on the depth of the water. In the summer, there are various water activities such as rafting, snorkeling, and surfing.
A beautiful canyon formed by volcanic eruption, with clear water, it is one of the best sights to visit on a transparent canoe ride! A must-visit attraction for many Koreans in Jeju Island!

Rhino peak

"Unique but beautiful attractions! In autumn, vast fields of colorful cosmos flowers will help you capture the most refreshing and feminine photos!"

Lu Yi Yuan Hall

Jeju Island's most beautiful road! In spring, rapeseed flowers and cherry blossoms line both sides of the road! Currently, there are fewer tourists, so you can capture the most romantic shots!

Hallasan Moncher Guesthouse

Although it may be more difficult to climb mountains in the winter if there is heavy snowfall, the snowy scenery is really top-notch!
Spring is coming, and there is a large field of rapeseed flowers over there. Enjoy the most beautiful sunrise in Jeju Island in the rapeseed flower field!


Just like walking into a primitive tropical jungle, with lush trees and tranquility. You can take very ethereal photos!