Qiu Lian-gung's Mother Chastity Arch, A Monument to Maternal Devotion and Artistry

Beside the Guan Yin Pavilion on Section 1 of Juguang Road in Dongmenli, Jincheng Town, Kinmen County


In 1812, a large and well-preserved archway called the Qiu Liang Gong Mother Filial Piety Archway was established at the eastern gate of Jinmen's Jincheng Town. It is the only national level ancient monument in Jinmen and is known as the "number one archway of Taiwan and Fujian". The purpose of the archway is to praise the mother of Qiu Liang Gong, the Admiral of the Zhejiang Naval Forces in the Qing Dynasty, who remained loyal for 28 years, raised her only son to become a pillar of the country, and became a role model for the local residents. The archway is built with superior Quanzhou granite and dark green Qingdou stone, and its overall structure is grand and magnificent. It has four columns, three bays, and three layers, with a height of over ten meters. There are a pair of male and female stone lions as column bases, and a sacred decree plaque and stone lions at the top. The carvings on the archway are detailed, including animals, plants, artifacts, auspicious patterns, as well as the scene of Qiu Liang Gong's return home after achieving success, and four pairs of couplets recording the deeds and virtues of the Xu family's filial piety. The entire design is grand yet simple, reflecting the advanced level of architectural technology at that time. In Taiwan and Fujian, there is only one such large and well-preserved archway, known as the representative of high-level Quanzhou white granite and Qingdou stone architectural carvings, with profound historical significance and infinite cultural value.
Beside the Guan Yin Pavilion on Section 1 of Juguang Road in Dongmenli, Jincheng Town, Kinmen County
Opening hours
24 hours a day
Take bus route 5 from Shamei or bus route 1 from Shanwai to get off at Jincheng Station. It takes about five minutes on foot to reach Qiulianggong Mother's Filial Piety Lane, and the bus runs every 30 minutes.