The First Pier of the Great Wall, A bridge across time in a breathtaking gorge

6 kilometers west of Jiayuguan City, Gansu Province
The valley scenery is quite spectacular


"The First Pillar of the Great Wall, the starting point of the ancient Great Wall, was once a beacon tower and now only remains as a soil mound. In addition, the scenic area also includes attractions such as the Taolai River zip line, the Tianxian suspension bridge, and sculpture clusters. It is worth mentioning that behind the First Pillar is the mother river of the area - the Taolai River. The river is formed by the melting snow of glaciers on the Qilian Mountains, and flows towards Jiayuguan. There is a suspension bridge over the Taolai River that is steep and magnificent, and is the most worthwhile attraction to see. The scenic area has two stops, the first is at the museum at the west entrance. The museum has a glass observation deck that allows visitors to see the river below through the glass. In addition, there are also zip line projects that allow people to experience the excitement of flying over the Taolai River. The second stop is at the barracks, where visitors can walk across the iron suspension bridge and cross the Taolai River to the other side, then climb up the hill for a closer view of the river."
6 kilometers west of Jiayuguan City, Gansu Province
Opening hours
08:30-20:00 (Peak season) (Monday-Sunday, May 1-October 31) 09:00-17:30 (Off-season) (Monday-Sunday, November 1-April 30 of the following year)