There is a type of travel in Switzerland called a scenic train journey

Switzerland's panoramic train routes are one of the most beautiful railway routes in the world and are part of Switzerland's heritage and history. The routes pass through majestic mountain landscapes, idyllic valleys and villages, meandering along crystal clear lakes and icy blue glaciers. Esteemed passengers can enjoy the enchanting scenery and superior comfort of the journey. Let's board the train together and explore the beauty of Switzerland!

Golden Pass Express Direct Train

The Golden Pass Direct Express defines a new journey between Interlaken and Montreux. The brand new luxury panoramic express connects two of Switzerland's most popular destinations with up to four journeys per day. Traversing one of Switzerland's most beautiful train lines, the Golden Pass Direct Express offers a smoother and more comfortable travel experience. The Montreux-Berner Oberland Railway's highly anticipated new luxury panoramic express will connect Interlaken and Montreux starting from June 2023, leading guests to admire the breathtaking scenery. The journey on the Golden Pass Direct Express feels like a thrilling adventure through Switzerland. Starting from the picturesque town of Interlaken, passing through Gstaad, Zweisimmen, and Montbovon, and finally reaching the destination of Montreux. Of course, travelers can also start their journey from Montreux. As the ideal base for joining numerous activities, Interlaken offers spectacular views of the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau mountains. Gstaad is famous for its charming wooden chalets and is a favorite holiday destination for celebrities and winter sports enthusiasts. Zweisimmen is known for hot air ballooning and lucky travelers may even get to see the balloons floating in the sky. Montreux hosts the annual Montreux Jazz Festival.

Bernina Express

This panoramic train links North and South Europe, passing through the UNESCO World Heritage Rhaetian Railway and descending from snowy glaciers to swaying palm trees. Without a doubt, traveling on the Bernina Express through the Alps is one of the most fascinating ways to do so. Along the way, the train crosses the 65-meter-high Landwasser Viaduct, a symbol of the Rhaetian Railway and the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The train travels from Chur to Tirano, passing through 55 tunnels and crossing 196 bridges, allowing passengers to enjoy beautiful scenery such as the Montebello curve of the Bernina peak, the Morteratsch Glacier, the three lakes (Lej Pitschen, Lej Nair and Lago Bianco), Alp Grüm, and the Brusio circular viaduct.

The Glacier Express

The Glacier Express is known as "the slowest express train in the world", with a journey of nearly 7.5 hours, crossing 291 bridges, passing through 91 tunnels, and crossing the Oberalp Pass. It is the most popular panoramic train tour route in Switzerland. The journey from Engadin to Matterhorn on the Glacier Express is a feast for the senses. From the impressive St. Moritz to the equally exquisite and charming Zermatt, along the way, fascinating scenic spots and the latest technological achievements make the journey on the Glacier Express easy and enjoyable. The oversized panoramic windows of the Glacier Express provide convenient access for tourists to enjoy the unique beauty outside the window.

Santander panoramic view express train

A great historical experience comes to life: the train departs from Ticino and travels along the historical and picturesque St. Gotthard route to Lucerne. Come and experience the authentic Swiss culture! Starting from Lugano or Bellinzona, this journey heads north through the heart of Switzerland and the St. Gotthard tunnel, built in 1882, crossing the Alps. Along the way, visitors can admire the Wassen Church from three different angles. The bold design of numerous circular tunnels has made this route world-famous. By taking a boat, visitors can easily continue their journey, crossing Lake Lucerne via Flüelen and admiring many ancient sights steeped in authentic Swiss charm, such as the Rütliwiese, Schillerstein, and the Teerli Church. In the evening, Lucerne Harbor (located conveniently next to the famous Chapel Bridge) warmly welcomes all visitors. This journey can also be easily experienced in the opposite direction.