Experience the "extraordinary" feeling with the rich

Arabs often wear traditional robes and pray devoutly, which may give the impression that they are conservative and rigid. In fact, young people can also have a lot of fun, wearing black and white robes and playing freely. In addition to the opulent leisure activities like leopard and eagle keeping, and driving luxury cars that are often reported in the news, they also have some down-to-earth hobbies. We common people can also share and experience the joy with them~.

Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital

In the United Arab Emirates, your social status is not measured by how many mansions or luxury cars you have. If you quietly tell others that you own a falcon, people will admire and respect you from the bottom of their hearts. Therefore, when you travel to Abu Dhabi, visit the world's largest falcon park to see the pets of the wealthy, perhaps you can also expand your knowledge and broaden your horizons!

Yas Marina Circuit

Every November, the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi becomes particularly lively as local and global racing drivers gather here to participate in the annual Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. With such a grand event, no one wants to miss out on the joy of the racing carnival and rubbing shoulders with the elite. Here, you can ignite your inner passion for speed and continue the dream of speed that you have yet to complete!

Asia Marina Yacht Club

Yas Marina has 227 berths ranging from 8 to 90 meters in length and a 150-meter long super-yacht exclusive berth. The marina offers various categories of berths for different types of yachts to meet various needs. Here, you can watch the spectacular yachts on the marina circuit or take a stroll with your loved one in the marina's paddock. Additionally, Yas Marina Club offers community services around the clock for yacht owners, providing food and drink on the marina platform while enjoying the beautiful scenery. In Abu Dhabi, parking your yacht at the marina at night is a great way to have an unforgettable encounter with the wealthy!

Al Forsan International Sports Resort

As an internationally renowned sports center, Al Forsan International Sports Resort can meet the needs of many sports. Here, you can ride your own horse and gallop in the desert. With the guidance of professional coaches, you can explore every corner and feel the magnificence and grandeur of the desert!