Abu Dhabi indulges in delicious food from all over the world

In Abu Dhabi, a modern city with petroleum as its core, "eating" will be an exciting issue. Here, there are various world cuisines that are overwhelming and bring difficulty in choosing. Let's explore the world cuisine here~

Mezlai is located within the Palace Downtown hotel and is dedicated to preserving traditional Emirati cuisine. Mezlai means "an old lock on the door handle" in Arabic and the restaurant prides itself on its interpretation of traditional Arabic cooking. If you are interested in exploring local cuisine, you cannot miss Mezlai.


This seafood restaurant is located by the seaside, with spacious floor-to-ceiling windows on three sides, providing an unobstructed view of the sea. During meals, gentle music creates an elegant and relaxed atmosphere. The restaurant offers authentic Mediterranean-style dishes, as well as the freshest seafood from North Africa's Moors, personally selected by the head chef every day.

Koi Restaurant & Lounge

In Abu Dhabi, Koi Japanese cuisine blends modern Californian flavors to create completely unique and delicious dining experiences with each dish. Koi's signature dish, "crispy rice with spicy tuna," is incredibly appetizing. In addition, there are numerous visually appealing and delicious Japanese dishes, and Koi's reputation as the "top dog" is indisputable.

Royal Orchid

Want to savor a delicate Thai cuisine in Abu Dhabi? Royal Orchid Restaurant is your perfect choice! Located next to the palace, it allows you to take a break from your sightseeing and try the restaurant's signature dishes, such as Lychee Curry Sauce Grilled Duck, Curry Shrimp, and Thai Fried Noodles, which are delicious and satisfying!

Market Kitchen

Looking for a romantic night with your loved one? Market Kitchen is definitely a great choice. Although the restaurant doesn't have too much luxury decor, it has a stylish and warm environment. Drinking a special cocktail, enjoying two juicy steaks, and several innovative dishes, and listening to the guitarist's performance, everything is very interesting and wonderful. Dining at Market Kitchen will definitely be an unforgettable and sweet memory.

Beijing Tower

Beijing Lou is the most famous Chinese restaurant in Abu Dhabi, with hundreds of dishes combining various flavors of Shanghai, Cantonese, Sichuan, Hunan, and Beijing cuisine. No matter how delicious Middle Eastern cuisine is, it cannot compare to the taste of hometown cuisine, nor can it compare to the old flavors on the menu of Beijing Lou, such as Peking roast duck and salt and pepper prawns, which have an amazing taste that leaves a lasting impression.
Nahaam is one of the most popular restaurants in Abu Dhabi, known for having the best dining atmosphere, delicious food, and diverse menu selection. Located by a pool in the Jumeirah at Etihad Towers hotel, it features unique mosaic-style column decorations that exude a refreshing oceanic vibe. When visiting Nahaam, be sure to try the best brunch recommended by TimeOut magazine and experience its wonderful taste.