Bungee jumping from high altitude: Let your screams echo

The inventor of bungee jumping is really impressive. Experiencing it is like walking on the edge of death, playing a crazy and life-threatening game. Unfortunately, this daredevil activity was invented by the New Zealanders. In the 1980s, two best friends from New Zealand thought, "Life is really boring, let's do something crazy," and they jumped off the Kawarau Bridge. This jump gave rise to the first bungee jumping company in the world, and from then on bungee jumping became increasingly popular in New Zealand. You can jump off bridges, mountaintops, and even platforms near cliffs... in short, there are various jumping experiences that can be quite overwhelming to choose from.

Kawarau Bridge bungee jumping

Price: 800-900 RMB (excluding photography) Height: 43 meters Weight Limit: 35kg-235kg, the weight difference between two-person jumps cannot exceed 30 kilograms Age Limit: 10-110 years old, children under 15 need to be authorized by parents or guardians (pregnant women cannot participate) The first bungee jumping company mentioned above is located on the Kawarau Bridge. For bungee jumping enthusiasts, this is actually a pilgrimage site. 43 meters is not actually that high, but for first-time bungee jumpers, this height is quite enough. The rushing river and steep rocks under your feet make you feel scared and nervous when you stand on the edge. Kawarau Bridge also allows for tandem jumping, which is a great opportunity for couples who want to show their affection. Unfortunately, for single dogs, when they are too scared to jump, they can only hug themselves.

Queenstown Nevis Bungy

Price: Around 1200 RMB (excluding photography) Height: 134 meters Weight Limit: 35kg-220kg Age Limit: Not less than 10 years old, children under 15 years old must have a guardian sign a relevant waiver Transportation: Depart from Queenstown and take the free shuttle bus from AJ Company for about 40 minutes to reach the Nevis Canyon. The road to Nevis Canyon is private and requires a special license to access. Daily trips depart from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm. Arrive and check-in 30 minutes before departure. If you find the Kawarau Bridge bungee jump not exciting enough, then the Nevis Bungee Jump, which is over 100 meters higher than the Kawarau Bridge, is definitely your cup of tea. Moreover, the 134 meters is only the length of the bungee rope, and the actual height is far greater than this number. The design of the Nevis bungee jump platform is also quite crazy, completely suspended above the canyon, and it feels like swaying with the wind... The person who wants to bungee jump will sit on a suspended car and be gradually transported to the middle platform. Not kidding, just passing the platform can scare you to collapse. The entire bungee jumping experience doesn't last long, only about 30 seconds. More than 8 seconds at the beginning is freefall, and the weightlessness feeling is beyond words. After that, it's being constantly pulled by the rope, bounced back, and then falling again... These 30 seconds feel longer than 30 years...

Queenstown Ledge Bungy

Price range: 700-900 RMB (excluding photography) Height: 47 meters Weight limit: 35kg-107kg Age limit: not less than 10 years old, children under 15 years old must have a guardian sign a relevant disclaimer Although Ledge Bungy is not very high, its advantage lies in the variety of stunts it offers. Because they have specially designed full-body equipment, they fully support various positions that you want to try, and you can even run and jump. They are really bold and skilled, and in addition to rotating, jumping and bungee jumping, you can even do it at night. Jumping in the dark adds extra excitement to the experience, and you can enjoy the beautiful view of Queenstown's lighted up at night. This experience is truly unforgettable.

Auckland Sky Tower bungee jump

Price: 950~1000 RMB (excluding photography) Height: 192 meters Weight limit: Weight not exceeding 122kg Age limit: Not less than 10 years old, no maximum age limit Located in Auckland CBD, the Sky Tower is a landmark of Auckland, with a height of 328 meters and a slim and tall figure, making it a beauty of the southern hemisphere. The height we want to jump from is 192 meters. We will take a high-speed elevator to the bungee jumping floor. At this time, there are tall buildings and flowing traffic under your feet, and the entire prosperity of Auckland is in your overlook. After strapping in, you jump off and experience the thrill of free falling at a speed of 85km/h. You'll reach the ground before you even have a chance to scream, truly a testament to speed and excitement. In addition to bungee jumping, a high-altitude walk on the Sky Tower is also quite exciting. At a height of 192 meters, walking around the tower on a platform only 1.2 meters wide, with no handrails, only two ropes to hold onto, it is so nerve-wracking that your legs start to cramp.