A Guide to Hiking in the Alps

The Virée Alpestre is a circuit route through the Alps region of Vaud, starting from Aigle or Diablerets, passing through Bex, Gryon, Villars, Col de la Croix, Les Diablerets, and Le Sépey, and ending in Leysin.

World Cycling Center (CMC)

This futuristic-style building located on the banks of the Rona River, outside of Egret City, looks like a standard UFO. The World Cycling Centre is the headquarters of the International Cycling Union and an important training center for top cycling athletes from around the world. Visitors can also experience the glory and honor of the Olympics through trampolines, Olympic mountain bike trails, and a 200-meter indoor track at the racing venue.

Aigle Castle

The castle of Egle surrounded by lush vineyards in the Middle Ages, with the Alpine Mountains rolling in the distance, feels like being in a wonderful fairy tale. The Grape and Wine Museum showcases the nearly 2,000 years of wine-making history in the region, with everything from wine labels to harvest festival clothing on display. A friendly reminder for family tourists: there is an adventure park nearby where you can experience the fun of treetop walks in a suspension park.

Site touristique des Mines de Sel de Bex, Bex Salt Mine

The salt mine located in Bex has been in operation since 1684. Now, the mine is still being excavated, producing about 35 tons of salt per year. Over the centuries, miners have created a huge maze of tunnels, some of which are open to the public. Visitors can take a mine train to the depths of the underground and learn about the different methods of salt mining through audio and video displays. The following walking tour takes about an hour.

Ravi Hot Spring Les Bains de Lavey SA

According to local legend, people discovered the salt mines in the area by observing goats drinking the salty waters of Lavey. The hot springs that emerge from underground reach temperatures of up to 69 degrees Celsius, making them the hottest mineral springs in Switzerland. At this beautiful thermal spa, the temperature of the pools ranges from 32 to 35 degrees Celsius, creating a very comfortable atmosphere – perfect for non-drinking tourists seeking relaxation.

Villar Golf Club Golf-Club Villars

Dreaming of playing golf at a higher altitude? Give Val d'Isere's sunny golf course a try (at an altitude of 1600m), where you can enjoy stunning views of the mountain range extending all the way to Mont Blanc. This 18-hole course, renowned for its challenges, stretches over 5288m. However, don't worry, you don't need to be an expert golfer to enjoy it - many visitors come just for lunch and to admire the views.

Taveyanne, Taveyanne

Charming mountain village Taveyanne is full of small wooden houses and tiled roofs, providing a rustic retreat for hikers. The entire area is protected by law and the village does not use electricity. In the comfortable restaurant at Refuge de Taveyanne, visitors can sample hot melted cheese with potatoes cooked over a wood fire, cheese fondue, mushrooms, potato cakes, and homemade fruit pies that are delicious.

Natural rock pyramids

These striking rocks are part of the natural heritage near Crova Peak and are located along the route connecting Villars and Le Diableret. Starting from the top of the mountain pass (at an altitude of 1778 meters), it only takes a few minutes of walking to appreciate this geological wonder: pyramid-shaped formations made of natural gypsum that have been eroded by wind and water for thousands of years. Continuing on, the ridge offers a magnificent view of the entire area.

Waterfall Cable Climbing Via Ferrata - Cascade - Alpe Grand Serre

Located near the Cascade du Dar waterfall in Leidya Bulelle, this fixed-rope iron climb requires skill, strength, and a fearless mind to conquer. This highly challenging route is situated on the cliff to the left of the waterfall, with several protruding rocks along the way, culminating in a thrilling high-wire zip-line. The 400-meter iron climb takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete. How to get there: Walk towards the waterfall from Piyong Pass and it takes about 10 minutes to arrive.

Ormonts Museum

This charming little museum is located in the village of Vers-l'Eglise, 2 kilometers from Leysin-Berbier. It is named after the nearby Ormonts Valley. The museum mainly showcases various aspects of life in the region, including history, geology, language, architecture, natural disasters, and agricultural traditions. We believe that this museum is a true gem and well worth a visit.

Peak Journey - Glacier 3000

You must not be afraid of heights: The world's first suspension pedestrian bridge connecting two mountain peaks is 107 meters long and only 80 centimeters wide. Tourists can depart from the Pyramides d'Euseigne Pass located between Gstaad and La Diablerets and take the cable car to reach it. The "Tête aux Rousses" excursion at Glacier 3000 connects the "observation point" and Scex Rouge (elevation 2971 meters). Admission to Glacier 3000 is free.

Kuklos Rotary Restaurant Panoramique Le Kuklos

The panoramic restaurant overlooking Leysin welcomes you to enjoy delicious food while admiring the many famous peaks of the Alps from your seat. How is this possible? The Kuklos restaurant rotates around its axis every 90 minutes using solar energy: you have plenty of time to savor delicious potato cakes while admiring views of the Aiguille du Midi, Mont Blanc, Matterhorn, Lake Geneva, Vaudoise Alps and Rhone Valley slowly passing by outside the window.

Jardin Gentiana, Medicinal Botanical Garden

Every tourist interested in plants or natural remedies enjoys visiting the Gentiana Botanical Garden where they can also admire the magnificent views of the Rhône Valley. The garden is located below the vacation destination Leysin, not far from the sports center, and is one of the most extensive gardens for growing gentians and other medicinal plants in a natural environment. It concentrates various plant habitats such as woodlands, forest edges, marshes, dry meadows, and rocky soils.

Aigle Adventure Park, Egler Adventure Park

Think of yourself as Tarzan or Jane? Here's your chance to try it out! Traverse through the treetops on a suspended cable bridge, test your balance on wobbly wooden planks 15 meters above the ground, and glide through the air on a high-flying zip line at this thrilling adventure park in Eggle. Whether you're a child or an adult, you can experience the excitement of this popular attraction in the forest of Le Fahy. Spend three hours exploring and you'll definitely get your money's worth.