The 13 off-the-beaten-path destinations around Kunming are not only delicious and fun, but also relatively close and offer stunning scenery that rivals Lijiang and Dali!

Kunming is surrounded by mountains on three sides and located in the south of Dianchi Lake. The lake and the mountains create a natural and picturesque scenery. Dianchi Lake is the largest plateau lake in Yunnan Province and the sixth largest freshwater lake in China. The scenery along the lake is beautiful. Due to its location on a low latitude plateau, Kunming has a "spring-like" climate year-round, especially with the help of Dianchi Lake regulating the temperature and humidity. The air here is fresh, the sky is high, the sun is bright, and flowers bloom all year round.

Fuxian Lake

The Fuxian Lake, known as the "backyard garden" of Kunming, is a deep-water freshwater lake and the largest plateau deep-water lake in China. The lake is located at an altitude of 1722 meters and is the largest lake at the source of the Pearl River, equivalent to 12 Dianchi Lakes and 6 times the Erhai Lake. Along the shores of Fuxian Lake, there are many different attractions, including the Moon Bay Wetland Park, Hot Spring Pond Scenic Area, Luchong Scenic Area, Gushan Scenic Area, Mingsheng Fish Cave Scenic Area, and Biyun Temple.

Mile Eastern Charm

The ugly and cute building in Maitreya Dongfengyun Scenic Area - Kaleidoscope Art Museum, which is a local internet celebrity attraction, the designer Luo Xu is a local, using locally produced red bricks, without using a single steel bar, cement and wood, through the principle of geometric structure, built by interlocking bricks, integrating the red wine culture of Maitreya, the fire culture of the Yi nationality, and the symbiotic upward culture architecture.


The shooting location of "Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms" and "Dad, Where Are We Going?", the scenic area not only has hundreds of peaks, large lakes, and nearly a hundred karst caves, the core area is a regular tourist attraction, where you can see caves, thousands of acres of lotus flowers, and the typical rural landscape of Puzhehei, as well as ethnic minority villages such as Puzhehei Village and Xianrendong Village. The periphery includes Swan Lake, wetlands, and so on.
The Guangnanba Scenic Area is two stops away from the Puzhehei high-speed rail, about a dozen minutes, or you can charter a direct car from Puzhehei to Bamei. To enter the village, you have to pass through a huge karst cave, and it takes more than ten minutes to get close to the mouth of the cave by boat. In front of you are flowing water, green bamboo, boats, farmland, cottages... it reminds me of the Peach Blossom Spring I learned in junior high school.

Jianshui Ancient Town

Jianshui Ancient Town was originally a earthen city built during the Southwestern Kingdom of Nanzhao. It was expanded in the 20th year of the Hongwu reign of the Ming Dynasty (1387), and has since preserved over 50 ancient buildings, earning it the titles of "Ancient Architectural Museum" and "Residential Museum". Unlike the commercialized ancient towns of Lijiang and Dali, Jianshui offers a wide variety of delicious food that you can enjoy from beginning to end!

Jianshui Ant Workshop

The designer Luo Xu, who designed the Maitreya Dongfeng rhyme, has also designed the Ant Workshop in Jianshui, all of which are built with his own design and constructed with five-hole hollow bricks. The 'Ant Workshop' is themed on ceramic culture, perfectly integrating the heavy Jianshui purple pottery culture with the romantic and unique architectural style, and has become a new trendy check-in spot.

Yuanyang Terraced Fields Scenic Area

Yuanyang Terrace has a history of more than 1200 years, and it is a masterpiece handed down by the Hani people from generation to generation, and it is known as the "most beautiful mountain carving in China". It consists of four parts: Badajing Scenic Area, Tiger Mouth Scenic Area, Duoyishu Scenic Area, and Jingkou Scenic Area. It is recommended to visit the observation platform during sunrise and sunset for a beautiful view.

Xun Dian North Big Camp Grassland

In Xundian Beidaying Grassland, there are 18,000 acres of ecological grass mountains, and a tourist area of 36 square kilometers. It is one of the filming locations for the movie 'Forever Young'. Every summer, the vast grassland is filled with lush grass, and cattle and sheep roam. There are also tourist attractions such as grassland film and television base, western town, horse racing, skiing, off-road jeeps, and hot air balloons.

The sea grass mountain.

Located in Huize, Yunnan, Dahai Grass Mountain has an altitude between 3300-4017 meters. The highest peak, Guniuzhai, has an altitude of 4017 meters, making it the highest peak in Wumeng. The grass mountain covers nearly 200,000 mu of 'natural' grassland, belonging to the subtropical alpine meadow and is known as the 'Little New Zealand' of Yunnan.

Dongchuan Red Land

The red land of Dongchuan

Jiaozi Snow Mountain Scenic Area

The Snow Mountain of Jiaozi

Pudu River Grand Canyon

The Jinsha River Pu Du River Canyon

Marutang Azalea Flower Sea.

The average altitude of the Rhododendron Sea in Malutang is 2750 meters, with more than 4000 acres of wild rhododendrons. Many mountain tops are covered with rhododendrons. The flowering period is from mid-April to early May every year, and it is currently in full bloom. Interested friends can go there.

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