A small ancient town called Guazhou near Dunhuang

Guazhou, less than an hour away from Dunhuang. It's not as bustling as Dunhuang, nor does it have such high prices, but it has Yulin Caves, which, like Dunhuang, has extremely high artistic and cultural value; it has the best-preserved Tang Dynasty military ancient city in the world - Suoyang City; there is a road, without as much traffic as in the western Sichuan, where you can stop anytime along the road and take a photo... This is Guazhou, a small town that few people venture into and few people know about.

Sculpture of Son of the Earth

The sculptures are works of the Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts. It is said that these sculptures will be built by the roadside in Guazhou in the future, becoming a famous tourist attraction measuring 15 meters long, 4.3 meters high, and 9 meters wide. The sculptures are mainly made of red sandstone. The model data is obtained by using three-dimensional scanning methods, then divided into blocks for 3D carving, and finally assembled into large outdoor sculptures.

Guazhou Highway

There are not many vehicles passing through Guazhou Road, so you can park and take pictures here anytime. The scenery is beautiful and safe, much better than the constant stream of traffic we used to see on the road in western Sichuan. As long as we encounter a driver with good scenery, they will stop, and the driver is friendly and willing to take photos for us without getting bored.
Yulin Caves, also known as the sister caves of Mogao Caves, are extremely similar in terms of cave form, content, and art style. The exact origin of Yulin Caves is not recorded, but based on cave morphology and related inscriptions, it is believed to have started before the Sui and Tang dynasties. Judging from the existing mural styles and inscriptions by painters, the caves were carved and sculpted, and underwent large-scale construction in various periods including the Tang, Five Dynasties, Song, Western Xia, Yuan, and Qing dynasties.
The ancient Silk Road was an important town for commerce. Xue Rengui faced difficulties in his westward expedition. It was the place where the "Empty City Strategy" took place. Xuanzang gave lectures there and it is also where China's most well-preserved military defense system from the Tang Dynasty and the Beacon Fire Information Transmission System, the White-Locked Sun City, are located.
When it comes to Tashilhunpo Monastery, people immediately think of the Tashilhunpo Monastery in the outskirts of Xining, Qinghai. Similarly, there is a Tashilhunpo Monastery in Guazhou, Hexi Corridor, originally called the Ayuwang Temple. It derived its name from the local shepherds. Although now in ruins and covered in yellow sand, it still recreates a legendary chapter from "Journey to the West" for people.