How many of these Xinjiang restaurants in Chongqing have you tried?

Chongqing, as a capital of gastronomy, naturally gathers many characteristic cuisines from other regions. Today, I will introduce several outstanding Xinjiang restaurants in Chongqing. If you want to taste it, you can give it a try.

Loulan Xinjiang Theme Restaurant

Xinjiang cuisine is extremely popular, with long queues during meal times. The dishes here are very authentic, such as Big Plate Chicken, Hand-pulled Noodles, and Lamb Skewers.

Smoking Avanti Restaurant

The overall decoration of the restaurant resembles the ancient Kashgar style, with a strong Xinjiang flavor. The spicy and numbing chicken and grilled meat here are very good, you must give them a try.

North Frontier Hotel

Authentic restaurant, crowded and lined up at the entrance. The dishes here are all authentic, definitely worth trying.

Aadasi has a taste of Xinjiang

A Xinjiang specialty restaurant in the food street of Wanda Plaza, serving authentic dishes like big plate chicken and hand-pulled noodles.

Niya Xinjiang-themed restaurant

A shop with a tasteful and generous interior design and a very good environment. The noodles and other types of pasta here are very good.