What different delicacies are waiting for you in Kashgar?

Kashgar can be said to be a place that gathers a collection of delicious foods from southern Xinjiang. The cuisine here is abundant, to the point where one can't finish eating. In fact, one might even not want to leave after eating. However, besides the traditional cuisine, there are also some special ones here. Let's take a look today.

The Grand Palace Restaurant

Authentic Uighur, Han, and Western cuisine, this is the first choice for gatherings of my Uighur friends. I didn't dare to eat the lamb offal at the night market, but it's clean here. I gathered up the courage to try the rice sausage, dipped it in the spicy and sour sauce, and it tasted really delicious.

Haierbag Hotel

Chain restaurants are spread all over the United States, offering Uyghur, Chinese, and Turkish cuisines. Fried shrimp and mung bean soup are also good, and they are among the dishes we often order. The restaurant has a great atmosphere, and Uyghur families come here for dining every weekend.


Similar to McDonald's and KFC, fast food restaurants in Saudi Arabia, ALBAIK, have the most delicious fried chicken in Jeddah. ALBAIK has many chain stores in Xinjiang and they look ordinary from the outside, but once you step inside, you will find that this fast food restaurant is actually quite exquisite. The decoration is very fresh and not exaggerated. The first floor is used for fast food, while the second floor is a more formal western restaurant with Arabic style as its main theme.

Guli Tea House

The boss of Guli Teahouse is a young man named Adili who graduated from college a few years ago. He has a dark complexion and always jokes with people. He decorates this small teahouse with traditional elements to make it warm and cozy, and everyone who comes here can't help but fall in love with it. The second-floor terrace gets cooler at night, so you can enjoy rose tea and have some rose jam toast while chatting with friends, which can pass a few hours.

APSANE Mountain

The coffee bar is simple and modern, without too many traditional elements. The store name APSANE means "myth" in Uighur language, and the transliteration in Chinese is "Shan Ne", which sounds very poetic. In addition to coffee and tea, there are also some drinks here, such as mint soda water.