The delicious food in Kashgar is hidden in these streets and alleys

When it comes to Xinjiang cuisine, we have to mention Kashgar. There are many delicious dishes in Southern Xinjiang, some of which are representative. Today, let me introduce you to the hidden Kashgar delicacies found in the streets and alleys.

The son of Mamtimin's teacher Ajie ordered dumplings

The name of this store is too long, right? In fact, what really surprises people here is the price! A large bowl of grab rice only costs 2 yuan. And this is a grab rice restaurant that has been featured in a documentary, hidden in the residential area of a textile factory.

"Alizati caught a restaurant."

The highest-rated pilaf restaurant in Kashgar, their pilaf is priced normally. A portion of pilaf with meat costs 22 yuan and comes with free refills. It tastes very good.

Old iceberg cream ice cream

A small road next to the mosque, their shop offers a variety of ice cream flavors, all of which are delicious.

Roasting buns with love and passion

A roasted bun shop across from century-old teahouse. Roasted buns are one of the favorite breakfasts of Uyghur people. The mutton skewers are wrapped in dough, pinched into square shape, and then stuck on the grilled meat wall. After about ten minutes, the fragrant roasted meat is ready.

Eini Jia Pa old place lamb soup barbecue restaurant

Next to the centuries-old teahouse is a local restaurant where people come to eat lamb.

Kameldin Blue Pigeon Shop

A must-visit pigeon shop in Kashgar, with affordable prices. A single pigeon costs only 30 yuan, and if you choose a combo with noodles, it's only 35 yuan.