The specialty cuisines hidden in the alleys of Guiyang

Compared to those popular restaurants, Guiyang has lots of hidden delicacies in the small alleys. Let's go and have a look together.

Golden Medal Luoji Intestine and Spicy Noodle

Grilled Sausage and Noodle is the most representative local cuisine in Guiyang. The most authentic one is the famous Jinpai Luoji Grilled Sausage and Noodle. People start queuing from 7 am until noon. The noodles are golden and chewy, the broth is flavorful, and when combined with pig intestines and crispy yao, it is extremely delicious!

Special flaky pastries from Yuji Anshun

Someone said this is the best dumpling shop in all of Guiyang. The pastry of the Pusu dumplings is layered like a cake, soft and delicate. If you pass by, you must buy some.

Dingjia crispy snack

Crispy whistle is also a special delicacy in Guizhou, and Dingjia crispy whistle is one of the most famous. They have soft whistle, crispy whistle, crushed whistle, and wide whistle. The taste is savory, and the freshly fried crispy whistle is crispy and fragrant.

Huang Daqin's family Siva

Silkworm pupae is also a must-eat in Guizhou. However, many locals and outsiders only know about Silian Silkworm Pupae. If we talk about the old flavor of Guiyang, it has to be Huang Daqin Laozihao.

Guiyang beef noodle is delicious

A shop that also requires queuing. They only serve clear beef noodle soup, and customers take a sip first to savor the purest flavor. The noodles are topped with slices and chunks of beef, cooked until tender. Moreover, their beef tendons are soft and chewy, attracting long queues every morning and lunchtime.

Doudou Dessert Shop

In the hot summer, have a bowl of chilled green bean soup, take a sip, it feels like being in an ice cellar. Their desserts at home are served cold or hot. When it's cold in winter, drinking a bowl of warm water can warm you up. Therefore, Dou Dou Dessert Shop is a place where many people in Guiyang go for desserts throughout the year, and it is also good for health.