Guiyang eating guide, a must-see for foodies

I have to say that Guiyang cuisine is abundant and diverse, with various distinctive characteristics. As a foodie, coming here definitely means endless culinary exploration.

Old Kai's Spicy and Sour Fish Soup

Sour soup fish is the most famous cuisine in Guizhou. The most authentic is the sour soup fish in Kaili, which is made from grass carp, carp, or crucian carp. It is cured and then put into the base material. The way of eating is similar to Sichuan hot pot, it must be dipped in sour soup to be authentic. The dipping sauce is usually made from fermented bean curd, cilantro, chili flakes, and a spoonful of sour soup. Lao Kai Li Sour Soup Fish is the best place to taste sour soup fish.

Huaxi Wangji Beef Noodles

Beef noodles is a famous specialty snack in Guiyang, with Huaxi beef noodles being the most well-known. It has unique flavor, with main ingredients including beef, pickled lotus root, and cilantro. The soup is carefully cooked with various precious Chinese herbs and high-quality beef. Whether you eat the noodles or drink the soup, it is a full enjoyment. After finishing a bowl, you will want to have a second one. Huaxi Wangji Beef Noodles is a good place to taste this delicacy.

Zunyi shrimp and mutton rice noodle soup

Lamb rice noodle is a famous snack in Guizhou region and a forever favorite for Guizhou people. It has a history of 300 years. Although lamb rice noodle is produced in various Southwest regions, Guizhou lamb rice noodle holds a leading position and is divided into four major schools: Zunyi, Xingyi, Jinsha, and Shuicheng. So, where should you go to eat for the first time? Zunyi Xiazhi lamb rice noodle is a good choice.

Tian Nong Su Fen

Vegetarian noodle stores can be found all over Guiyang's streets. The reason why it's called vegetarian noodles is because it only relies on a spoonful of Guiyang's unique "oil chili" to showcase the purest combination with the noodles. The noodles used in vegetarian noodles must be Guiyang's unique sour noodles, which are thicker than rice noodles and have a higher concentration and density than traditional rice noodles, with a slightly sour taste. Vegetarian noodles use simple ingredients and the most straightforward appearance, capturing the hearts and palates of every Guiyang resident. Tian Niang Vegetarian Noodles is a famous old store in Guiyang, and its taste is naturally excellent.

Gold Medal Luoji Delicacy Intestine and Spicy Noodle

When it comes to Guiyang, the first thing that comes to mind is Changwang noodles. Changwang noodles are made with egg noodles, pig intestine, blood curds, and crispy wheezing as the main ingredients. After being seasoned with soup base, red oil chili paste, and other condiments and going through multiple processes, it becomes a finished dish. Jinpai Luoji Changwang Noodles is the most famous Changwang noodles in Guiyang, it's a must-try.