Guizhou unexpectedly has these incredible landscapes

Guizhou is famous for its beautiful landscapes, but you may not have realized that there are actually many amazing sights in this place.

Underwater Great Buddha

In Baixi Village, Dushui Township, Baiyun District, Guiyang City, there is a large Buddha statue on the mountain called the Dushui Buddha. The height of the Buddha's head is 16 meters, which is said to be 4 meters higher than the head of the Leshan Giant Buddha in Sichuan. In front of the Buddha, there is a small river called the Shalao River, surrounded by farmland. There are trees growing on the head of the Buddha, which makes it look like the Buddha has hair, very interesting.

Beauty Peak

The world is full of wonders. The magic of nature is endless, creating many incredible landscapes. Located in the northern outskirts of Yinjiang County, Tongren City, Guizhou Province, facing Fanjing Mountain, there is a mountain peak that resembles a woman with long flowing hair, hidden in the ground, hence named Beauty Peak, also known as "Sleeping Beauty Peak." The magic of the Beauty Peak is not only its resemblance to a sleeping beauty, but when you climb to the top and look back, you will see a ruin, then a cliff, and looking down, you will see a huge stone column on the cliff. Its column-shaped structure is similar to a mushroom, so it is named "Mushroom Stone".

Mengjiazhai beautiful mountain road

Guizhou is a province with karst landforms, which gives people the impression of beautiful mountains and water. The natural environment has created many stunning landscapes. Guizhou's mountain roads are winding and thrilling, yet beautiful and majestic, with the meandering roads connecting mountains, water, villages and towns, creating beautiful pictures. In the Hongguan Township of Bozhou District, Zunyi City, Guizhou, there is a magical mountain road called the "Road of Brightness" which stretches more than 6 kilometers back and forth. From high above, it looks like the Chinese character "亮" (liang), hence the name. It represents a bright future.