Check out this list of unique and beautiful coffee shops in Guiyang. Take a look!

In addition to the countless delicious Guizhou cuisines, Guiyang actually has many niche and beautiful coffee shops. Let's take a look together.

Nectar One Cafe

Chief Executive Officer Hu Ying has won numerous coffee competition awards, including the 2015 WBC China Champion. Her name is often mentioned when chatting with coffee professionals in Hong Kong. Due to its worldwide reputation, N1 has become a gathering place for many coffee practitioners and enthusiasts. Almost all coffee options are good choices, but the most special creative coffee series are inspired by the owner's awards and the competition venue.

George Community

Clean and bright white style, large expanse of glass for a minimal and transparent design, retaining the old house's beams and columns, with lush greenery outside the window, the best decoration. GeorgeCounty specializes in coffee bean roasting, and has won many awards since its establishment, including the 2016 TAKAO Roasting Champion, 2017 WBrC China Third Place, and various coffee association roasting certifications. Coffee beans from around the world maintain their original flavors through their own roasting system, making them more worth trying than single items like milk coffee.

You Way

A small basement space that is almost filled with a bar counter, it's best to chat with the barista here. The owner's photo, SCAA certification, and awards from large coffee competitions are all displayed in the hallway and corridors. Over time, the second-floor space that used to be filled with coffee beans and machines has become a small space for friends to gather, and the rooftop is a refreshing place on cool days. UWay has its own roasted coffee beans, and each one is worth a try for single-origin lovers in Kenya, Costa Rica, etc.

Postman Workshop

This place is half coffee shop and half bakery. The pure white walls and cement-colored floors, along with the diverse flowers and the masculine American style, collide harmoniously. The brightly painted mural behind the counter and the sharp lines of Spirit are the best angles for taking pictures. You can casually order a perfectly blended latte or a full-flavored hand pour-over, or you can ask the barista to taste your favorite flavors. The owner is happy to deliver the joy of coffee culture like a postman, and drinking a cup will come with interesting little knowledge. Even if you don't understand coffee, you won't feel restrained.

Koj Coffee Lab

This small place has a light and lively tone in every corner, with improved service and space, becoming a new destination for many loyal customers. However, compared to the bustling atmosphere of the second store on weekends, I prefer to find a quiet corner in the first store. The orange door, narrow passage, and bright space behind it are like a hidden paradise. Kongji is a café suitable for laziness, with pink and blue sofas and lounge chairs to sink into. I enjoy their carefully selected coffee beans by the barista, or the unique and authentic flavor of the cold brew coffee. The moon is diluted with milk to freeze the ice cubes made from cold brew, creative and interesting in both taste and presentation, just lacking the patience to wait for the ice cubes to slowly melt.