You can play like this on this weekend! Anshun family activities inventory

Anshun is hailed as the "best summer resort city in China". If you are close to Anshun, it would be great to take your child for a weekend trip.

Jiulong Mountain is a natural oxygen bar in Anshun. Walking along the lakeside wooden trail is very enjoyable. There is a dedicated smoke-free barbecue area with grills provided. Every weekend, families and households bring their own barbecue materials here to barbecue.

Old state ancient town

In the old town, besides exploring the Old Mansion Lane, you can also enjoy local specialty "Tunpu cuisine", such as Old Town Spicy Chicken, Stir-fried Guadan, Stir-fried Pork with Yam Fruit, and Cold Tossed Zhe'ergen. Besides having meals in the restaurants, there are also many street snacks available here.

Xiajiuxi Village

From early July to mid-August, the hundred-acre lotus flowers in Xiajiuxi Village bloom. A long wooden pathway winds its way over the lotus ponds, allowing you to stroll leisurely while admiring the various shapes and colors of the lotus flowers. In the summer, with the distant mountains and the lotus ponds in front of you, it feels like a scene from a painting.

Guizhou Wax Printing Cultural Museum

Anshun is known as the "hometown of batik", where the traditional batik craftsmanship has been passed down to this day. The Guizhou Batik Culture Museum not only exhibits exquisite batik works, but also allows visitors to experience creating a batik artwork.

Beautiful mountains and clear water

Qianshan Xiushui is located in Xiushui Village, Puding County. It is a popular leisure resort for young people. There are many recreational activities here, the biggest highlight being drifting. It is 3 kilometers long and can be played for 2.5 hours, very exciting. In addition, you can camp at the Twenty-Four Ponds camping base in the scenic area and see the starry sky over the mountains and waters when you open your tent.