What are some good small pubs in Guiyang?

Guiyang is also a very enjoyable city, so naturally there are many nice pubs here.

Great Sage Craft Beer Bar

The decoration of the tavern is more simple than the shop front, without exquisite walls and tables, without fancy decorations. The cement floor and brick pillars are separated, giving off a relaxed and rustic American style. The flagship craft beer called "Dashing" is named after the tavern, indicating its uniqueness. "Dashing" is very popular, so if you are unsure of what to choose on your first visit, ordering this one will let you know the quality of the tavern. Of course, there is also an IPA with a mango aroma, capturing the beauty of mango within the aroma of hops. "Dashing" also introduces new products from time to time, each one worth looking forward to and savoring.


Trip Smith's table is always full, even the outdoor tables are occupied. If you arrive a little late, there won't be any outdoor seats left. Regular customers know about their secret wine list, and their various IPA beers are excellent. You should also try their other options.


Bupa is relatively easier to find compared to other pubs, with a slightly upscale Western-style bar atmosphere at the entrance. It has a tasteful interior with wooden decorations, and the walls are lined with tall liquor cabinets that reach the ceiling, filled with various bottles of alcohol. There is a wide variety of drinks available here, and you can find whatever you want to drink.