Guangxi's beach resorts are absolutely stunning!

How can we consider it a perfect summer without swimming? Today, our editor has compiled these amazing seaside resorts for you to mark down!

San Niang Wan Scenic Area

San Niang Bay is located approximately 5 kilometers east of Xiniujiao Town, Qinzhou, along the bay. It is about 38 kilometers away from downtown Qinzhou, facing the Beibu Gulf to the south, and backed by Wulei Mountain. It is the hometown of the Chinese white dolphin.

Maowei Sea

Maowei Sea is named for its resemblance to a cat's tail. It used to be called "Cat Tail Sea" because of the abundance of maowei grass on the mudflats. Maowei Sea has an area of 135 square kilometers and is a coastal area with the Qinzhou River and Maoling River as the main inflows into the bay. It is located at the top of the Qinzhou Bay, with a width of about 15 kilometers in the east-west direction and about 17 kilometers in the north-south direction, resembling an inverted gourd when viewed from north to south.

White Wave Beach

Bailang Beach is located in the southeast of Jiangshan Peninsula. It was originally called "Dapingpo" and is the core scenic area of the Jiangshan Peninsula tourist resort. It is named after the layers of white waves often seen on the sea surface.
The Guai Shi Tan is located in the Jiangshan Peninsula, in front of Dengjia Ridge, in Fangchenggang City, Guangxi. It is a coastal erosion landform formed by the constant erosion of waves on rocks. The stones are reddish-brown in color, hence it is also known as the Red Cliffs of the Sea. It is a well-known wedding photography base in China.

Golden Beach

Jin Beach, located on Wanwei Island in Dongxing City, is a 10-kilometer long beach known for its fine sand, calm waves, gentle slope, and clear, unpolluted water. It has become another popular coastal tourist destination in Guangxi after Beihai Silver Beach.

Silver Beach in Beihai

"Flat and wide, fine and white sand, clean water temperature, gentle waves, no sharks" has earned Beihai Silver Beach the reputation of being the "Number One Beach in the World"! Apart from being crowded, there are no major disadvantages.