Restaurants in Stuttgart that cater to the taste of Chinese people

Although there are many restaurants in Stuttgart, which ones cater to the taste of Chinese people? The restaurants recommended by local Chinese are believed to satisfy your appetite.

Due to the owner being from Dandong, you can taste authentic Northeastern Chinese cuisine and Korean dish Bibimbap here.
If you want to eat Southern Chinese cuisine, you can choose Fu Gui Fang. It mainly serves Cantonese cuisine, which is generally mild in flavor.

Sakura Asian and Japanese cuisine

This is a Japanese restaurant and Taiwanese cuisine restaurant because the owner is Taiwanese, so you can enjoy delicious braised pork rice and beef noodles.

Triple B - Beef Burger Brothers

The hamburger is delicious, but not greasy. It is worth recommending.

Thai Thaani Restaurant

Thai restaurant with good flavors, but unfortunately slow service and difficult parking.

Restaurant Kicho

Authentic local Japanese restaurant with a diverse menu featuring traditional Japanese cuisine. Delicious dishes include grilled eggplant, fried octopus, and other appetizers. Their matcha ice cream is also excellent.