Must-haves for Mount Tai tourism! A comprehensive inventory of Mount Tai climbing routes

There are many people visiting Mount Tai every year. So, what are the routes to go there? Let me list them for you.

Peach Blossom Valley Hiking Route

Taohuayu Summit Line is located at the northwest foot of Mount Tai, with beautiful scenery. It is also the most convenient and time-saving route for self-driving and car-riding tourists. In addition, the Taohuayu climbing route is relatively gentle and there are no stone steps or steep paths. There is a road leading from the mountain pass to the San Chajian Cableway Station halfway up the mountain. This climbing and touring route has fewer attractions and is not an ideal hiking route.

The hiking route of Red Gate Pass

This is the most classic route, starting from Hongmen, passing through Zhongtianmen, and ending at Nantianmen. The scenery is magnificent and breathtakingly beautiful, but the mountains are steep and the climb is challenging.

Tianwai Village off-road driving route

This can be said to be the most convenient route. Without walking on the mountain road, take a car and then change to a cable car to easily reach the top of Mount Tai.

Mountain climbing route of Tianzhu Peak

A rustic, natural and physically demanding route. The steepness is slightly less than the Red Gate mountaineering route on the front mountain, and it is the least developed scenic area in Mount Tai, with a primitive and well-preserved natural landscape.