Collection of BBQ restaurants in Jinan! Collect it quickly

Although Jinan is not a place known for lamb, the love for barbecue surpasses any other place. In fact, it is truly a "barbecue city". From the upper class to the common people, the culture of barbecue has penetrated into people's bones. So, which barbecue restaurants are a must-go here? Let's take a look together.

Niu Zhen Barbecue

One of the largest barbecue restaurants in Jinan, with multiple branches and excellent flavors. You can try any branch.

Mr. Jin Barbecue (Shanda Road Branch)

It is a well-known barbecue restaurant in the local area. If you happen to be nearby, you can try it.

Xinwang BBQ

Many young people love to eat at this place, and the prices are also very reasonable.

Branded 3D Themed BBQ Restaurant with Genuine Products

The environment is quite distinctive and the barbecue taste is also good.

Jianghu Xing Charcoal Grilled Lamb Leg

A great place to eat roasted lamb leg, the taste is authentic, and the other side dishes are also good.

Exemplary barbecue

There are several branches and it is also a highly reputable local store.

Charcoal fire good field

Good location and the taste is pretty good.