Handmade ice cream shops in Florence, Italy that locals love to visit

When traveling to Italy, especially to Florence, the dessert that you cannot miss is the ice cream here! Whether you are a tourist or a local, everyone loves to sit at outdoor tables and taste a variety of snacks and ice cream. With a wide variety of flavors and delicious taste, Italian ice cream is a specialty and a big selling point. Here are some popular ice cream shops recommended for travelers, so consider trying them out when you travel here~

Gelateria Dei Neri Ice Cream Shop

An Italian ice cream and dessert shop is located on Via dei Neri street. It has a prime location near the Uffizi Gallery. The ice cream here is the best, with various flavors. The yogurt here is also recommended. There are many different flavors to choose from, some people find them a bit too sweet.

Mordilatte ice cream

A very good ice cream shop, the added pistachios and other things are delicious. Although the price seems high, compared to the outrageous prices in other places in Florence, it's still not bad... You can also try adding other things to your ice cream.

Antica Gelateria Fiorentina Ice Cream Shop

The most attractive thing is: it's too cheap... a regular ice cream ball is only one euro, much more cost-effective than a certain DAS in China! If you have a tight budget but want to try local flavors, this is a good place.
A small and exquisite Italian handmade ice cream shop. There are 10 milk-based flavors and 10 non-dairy flavors of ice cream to choose from. The prices are reasonable, but there may be queues sometimes. Pompelo Rosa's snowball is worth a try.
Artisan Italian gelateria located on Via Giovan Filippo Mariti street. It is authentic and traditional. Compared to other popular gelaterias, this one is less crowded, making it a more relaxing environment to enjoy your gelato. There is a great selection of fruit flavors, and the prices are reasonable. A single scoop costs around just over 1 euro.